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Nicolle asks:
Would both of my daughters (one 11 and one 12) look good with a pixie cut? One has brown hair, and the other blonde. They want their hair like Miley Cyrus! Generally, like a pixie cut but one of them wants their bangs swooped over to the side and the other one wants short hair on the sides and her bangs on the shorter side but still being able to pin them up! Thank you so much!!

Look forward to putting your response on the site,

Many thanks


Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
The pixie cut is very popular with tweeners so the answer is yes!!

This age is an ideal time to experiment on styles to get used to finding out what suits their face shape and personality etc. It also helps avoid making a drastic hair style change when older (we all know how that can go!) and its fun ...More >

In Reference to Miley Cyrus ... her particular style is VERY short on her temples and nape so I would suggest some thing a bit longer, still shaped over ears and nape , but not necessarily buzz cut(as hers is ) You didnít say if your girls hair was straight, curly , thick , fine ? all of the mentioned can have a pixie cut tailored to hair type . Re the long Side fringe(bangs) the fringe should be a graduated cut chipped into. A good guide for length is for the start to be on eyebrow and the end just long enough to hook over ear ..

The shorter fringe should be layered and although still asymmetric not so steep.. I suggest you look on the hairstyle finder tab on this site ..there are lots of variations and you can have a bit of this, and a bit of that, makes it more individual for your girls.

They can play around with products too and clips sleeking it back, funking it up and pinning the sides to mention a few options .

Hope they love their new haircuts ....

Milan asks:
Hello my name is Milan and I need personal professional help. Iím from the Caribbean and Iím always compared to a model. Everyone says I have the face& body! In the link youíll see some pictures of my face & body. I have strong cheekbones in person & Iím very skinny. So I need your help with the perfect color & hair length to match my face and body. I was thinking something dark (want a natural look) with maybe some blonde highlights. But your the expert here! If you have a picture of the hairstyle with the details that would be great! Thanks!

Karine JacksonAnswered By:
Karine Jackson
Myself and Karine Jackson both agree that the image attached should be your inspiration. Itís a cool new technique weíre working on in the salon called Melange (a newer version of ombre) which blends shades together for a smudged and on-trend effect. We think the cut would look amazing on you and would really showcase your cheekbones and the styling would definitely make you stand out.

Giovanna asks:
Hi ive been trying to get a red velvet type of color i went to a hair school and they put a base that was a tone of brown and red .But then they told me to use Ion brilliance color in red to put over it and get that color and i got a burgundy (not what I WANTED )I then used manic panic vampire red to get a brighter red its bright but only in the sun and Im looking to go brighter without the need of the colir only showijg in the sun orbright light is there any way i can get to a red velvet ,without having to bleach my hair ?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
You can achieve the vivid red velvet colour you are looking to achieve but it may take a few steps to reach your goal.

You cannot achieve this over the dark shades already applied on your hair - go to a professional salon and ask for a colour consultation (this should be free and if it is not then go to another salon). Your stylist need to do a strand test to check that your hair can withstand a gentle cleanse to remove the existing colour, you may need a deep cleanse. ...More >

Once the colour has been removed they can apply a vivid bright dye to achieve your desired look, we use a magenta mix (think Arial from Mermaid) from Maji contrast range. I know others use Renbow Crazy Colour also to get this look.

This is an image of one of clients that we used this magenta mix on just last week.

love to see how you get on - upload a photo of your hair!
Mark x

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