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Nikki asks:
I am just wondering which is the best shampoo for dandruff have tried all the best names but they just keep burning my scalp which shampoo would you use

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Dandruff shampoos do not usually burn your scalp unless there is some other condition that is very sensitive.

If you have tried various dandruff shampoos which burn your scalp, I think you might have a medical condition that will need attending to by a Trichologist. I recommend you make an appointment with one of them or your doctor.

Lizzie asks:
I recently had extensions taken out and blonde hi-lites put in but my hair is now very greasy on the roots and very dry at the ends. Can you suggest anything please?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
I do not think the extensions would have changed your hair typein any way, but with the highlights it may just need some moisture putting back. It may also be that you need to have your ends trimmed if they were not cut after you had them taken out. As your hair is greasy at the roots, you need to avoid putting your conditioner at the roots. Just focus on the mid to ends of the hair. Use a twice weekly deep penetrating conditioner like the Joico K-PAK Reconstructor as this actually repairs and conditions your hair. That should help the condition of your hair so itís more manageable.

Pam asks:
I used bond remover to remove a weave but the glue was not totally removed from my hair, do you think it is safe to relax my hair

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
I would not relax your hair until all the glue is removed as it may affect the product. Use a good detox shampoo for a few days as this should break down the glue. Only when it is removed should you look to treat your hair again.

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