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Nikki asks:
I am just wondering which is the best shampoo for dandruff have tried all the best names but they just keep burning my scalp which shampoo would you use

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Dandruff shampoos do not usually burn your scalp unless there is some other condition that is very sensitive.

If you have tried various dandruff shampoos which burn your scalp, I think you might have a medical condition that will need attending to by a Trichologist. I recommend you make an appointment with one of them or your doctor.

Justi asks:
My hair is straight, thick long (good 4-5 inch below my shoulders) and heavy! I have been growing it for two years and had a dream of having long thick wavy hair. I have been doing some research and some stylist said that a perm will disappear after two days because my hair is too heavy and healthy! Are there any permanent waving techniques or products that will last?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I am not sure why a stylist would tell you that your perm would disappear after only 2 days. It all depends on how curly you would like your hair. Most salons now would look to give you quite a soft wave which, if you have thick, heavy hair, would not seem to last you very long but I am sure it would last you more than 2 days! If you have long, thick hair it does tend to pull your hair down! It may be worth you having some layers through your hair to get rid of some of the weight and allowing your hair to curl or wave. I think what would be a good idea to have a look on style/style.aspand see if there are any styles that you would love to have. Print them off and take them along to a salon and ask how you could achieve the look! I am sure you will be able to have a fab new look!

Abi asks:
I have shoulder length hair, brown with natural curls at the ends. I do not know whether to have short or long hair! Most days I spend 5 minutes putting my hair up as I usually have my hair up! I want something more interesting even when it is up.

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
I would suggest a real change. You sound bored and fed up so why not opt for an edgy bob. This can be tailored to your style, either graduated for sleekness or blunt for a sharper look.

Alternatively, if this is too drastic, opt for a fringe to give you some versatility. Worn sweeping to the side or cut blunt, the fringe frames the face and creates some interest. Lastly, changing the colour could achieve the excitement you are after. All these options will help to give a different dimension to a hair up look and alleviate your hair boredom.

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