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Stephanie Cameron asks:
My daughter is 8. She has a long thin face, with semi thin, blonde curly/wavy hair. Its constantly in a big rats nest. I have day in day out struggles with getting her to brush her hair let alone put it up, out of her face. Iím trying to find a hair style the is low maintenance, out of the face, less tangles, but still could be put up if needed. Please help

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
The cut you need is a graduated layer. This means the longest layer is the final length and the other layers lie within 2cm on top. All the one length and uniform layers are a no no it justs elevates tangling. ...More >

Use a tangle teezer brush, hold her hair in a ponytail and brush the hanging hair from bottom to held hair its more a tapping the brush on your hand motion than a tugging the hair one. Drop the hair and continue up to the scalp. This should be taught to your daughter too, Its fine to use a detangler make sure its a kids product , Little sprout, Miniu, are great. For sleeping spray with detangler and plait this minimises knots in the morning. Its a good idea to grow a fringe out with type if hair, if this is possible. This enables you and her to tie hair back out of the face. I have attached a photo of the type of cut you need.

Hope this helps.


Amanda asks:
Do you have any tips on how to get close to the scalp when doing foiled highlights?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Amanda.

Yes I do. ...More >

One of the most important points is to ensure your slice section is fine. No more than 4mm thick.

This ensure your underneath foil can get very close to the roots and get the best possible result.

One other trick ( which is brilliant)

Is to place a thin strip of double sided sticky tape on the inside of the underneath foil.

This way when you place the foil in the hair the hair sticks to the foil as well as to the top foil once folded over.

Hair Wizard tip!!! works brilliant, no slipping or bleeding, this way you can get right up to the root.

Try it its magic.

Dax asks:
I have curly non-African thin hair (ringlets). I am trying to find a way to wear it semi straight. I try to stretch out the curls when I dry my hair but it still ends up being just as curly. Then I semi-straighten it with a straight iron, however, it ends up being extremely frizzy. When I try to put in product to control the frizz, the dampness causes my hair to curl again into ringlets. Any suggestions on how to control the frizz without making my hair curl too much?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Dax.

This can be quite a problem without knowing the knack for it. ...More >

As soon as you add any moisture after styling ( even when semi straightening as you say) the moisture will bring your natural curls straight back.

I would try a very light hold gel mixed with a small amount of serum and apply this to your hair while damp.

Then you have two options.

Keep running your hands through your hair until almost dry. This will reduce the natural curl without heat ( just the heat from your hands) as your hair is fine.


Use a hairdryer on a very low heat and airflow setting and again using your hands work them through your style.

One fantastic product that people with naturally curly or wavy hair are raving about is My white magic 3 in 1 foam.

A shampoo, conditioner and styling product in one.

Apply this all over your hair, every other day and still use the same process described above with your hands with or without heat.

The moisture and protein as well as the styling product will hold your hair in a soft relaxed shape without making it frizzy.

It provides the instant day after beach look waves or definition to any curly wavy hair. Without frizz.

Good luck Dax.

Let me know how you get on

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