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Brenda asks:
I have very long hair almost past my behind I have a round face. I am getting married in May. My dress is strapless! I have looked at tons of Hairstyles but none for hair as long as mine I would like it half up and down somewhat curly b/c my hair is naturally straight!

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Well I have a few suggestions. Could you bear to have some length off to make the ends look glowing and in great condition? If you are wincing and feel like you cannot bear to do that (I recommend you do though!) You need to go to a great hairdresser that has no fear! If you want curl the hair should be set with mousse NOT water (it will never dry). The sections should be small and so should the rollers. This should be done the evening before the wedding and you may well have to sleep in them. The hair should be absolutely dry before being taken out and that will ensure the curl will stay all day. The hair can then be dressed half up half down. As with all wedding hair, preparation is everything and always have a trial.

Chantelle asks:
I have been wanting to do something with my hair for a long time but have a phobia of hairdressers and am only just getting used to them. My hair is quite dark (not jet black) 2 inches below my shoulders and is naturally wavy (which I straighten) but it always seems so lifeless. I want to add colour and have a different style but worried it will make my hair even thicker than it is? Please help me, I am totally clueless.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Please go to a good salon near you for a consultation. With this visit there is no commitment and you can find out if you feel confident with the advice they give you. Take some images out of hair magazines on looks that you like and discuss these with the stylist to see if you are both heading in the same direction of what you are aiming for. They will give you advice on face shape suitability, hair maintenance and up keep requirements for each style. Colour and cut go together and with the right technique in cutting your hair would not appear thicker in-fact it is possible to reduce the bulk of your hair to make styling easier. ...More >

Ask your stylist about razoring or blading techniques as this is a fantastic way of overcoming your problems.

If you straighten your hair and it appears lifeless then after blow drying your hair smooth try straightening the last 2 thirds of your hair which will retain some natural bounce from the root area.

Meagan asks:
I would like to know what kind of hair care I should try. I have thick, wavy hair that comes just down to my shoulder blades. I shampoo and condition almost every day. I use mousse and hairspray to add definition. I know that is bad to shampoo your hair everyday, however, when I wake up, my hair looks like a disaster. Is there anything I can do to keep my hair healthy without it looking like a disaster the next day? Are there any hair products that you recommend?

Gina AkersAnswered By:
Gina Akers
I would definitely recommend TIGIs Control Freak Shampoo and Conditioner to help you get your hair under control. If you must wash your hair everyday ensure your use a shampoo and conditioner designed for daily use, and try conditioning your hair from the inside by taking a food supplement such as Proto-cols Collagen Capsules. Washing your hair every other day would be better as daily washing strips the hair of its natural oils and is often unnecessary. ...More >

If you are using effective styling products you will probably find that you do not need to wash your hair everyday. Try dampening your hair down with a bottle of water spray before styling and then use light but strong products to style with. Too much hairspray and mousse can be very heavy on the hair and is probably the main reason why you are having to wash your hair daily.

If you wear you hair down one day, try wearing it up the next, messy up dos have been fashionable for quite a while and it looks like they are going to be around to stay for some time yet. Long thick hair is great for wearing up and styling into funky looking up dos, experiment with different hair accessories too.

Many people find that by straightening their hair after washing and drying, it is then much more manageable and easy to control the next day. You could also try tying your hair up at night or putting into plaits so that the next day there will be less tangles to deal with.

Whatever you do the most important thing to remember is to keep your hair in the best condition possible and always apply protective products on your hair before using heated appliances.

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