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Lin asks:
My daughter had her already quite blonde (previously highlighted) hair tinted, it looked almost ginger, and then a toner was put in on top and the over all look is awful…her hair looks yellow, and she wanted it white blonde. Was the toner not left on long enough? Should it just be bleached to get white blonde?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Yes it should have just been bleached, but because of all that was done to her hair I think she will need to go into a salon and get a strand test done, to see if her hair can take more chemical work being done to it.

Maureen asks:
After using the same hair colour for thirty years it has suddenly started to react with my skin. It burns my scalp neck and ears no matter how I try to prevent it. I tried different products but it still happens, is there anything I can use.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
You might want to go to your doctor and show him what happens first.

Brenda asks:
I have very long hair almost past my behind I have a round face. I am getting married in May. My dress is strapless! I have looked at tons of Hairstyles but none for hair as long as mine I would like it half up and down somewhat curly b/c my hair is naturally straight!

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Well I have a few suggestions. Could you bear to have some length off to make the ends look glowing and in great condition? If you are wincing and feel like you cannot bear to do that (I recommend you do though!) You need to go to a great hairdresser that has no fear! If you want curl the hair should be set with mousse NOT water (it will never dry). The sections should be small and so should the rollers. This should be done the evening before the wedding and you may well have to sleep in them. The hair should be absolutely dry before being taken out and that will ensure the curl will stay all day. The hair can then be dressed half up half down. As with all wedding hair, preparation is everything and always have a trial.

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