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Francine asks:
I have mid length brown hair (just past my shoulders) and have no idea how to style it for my wedding. I want something quite simple that will hold my veil and I went for a hair comb rather than a tiara. Have you any ideas? I have had 3 hair trials and no luck

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
I am imagining the comb is sparkly so if you want to wear it down, set or tong the hair, loosely sweep it to one side and place the comb in the swept up side. Back comb the crown to act as an anchor for the veil. If wearing it up you could go for a classic chignon and place the comb sideways in the fold at the back. The veil can be placed in front of the height of the hair up. ...More >

Keep trying until you are happy.

Good luck

Autumn asks:
My hair is very thick and wavy so my hair will not hold a curl and I can't always straighten my hair, so what other simple styles could I do? Also I'm thinking about cutting it, but what style would work with my wavy thick hair??

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Go through some magazines and look for things you like and cut them out, then find a great hair cutter and take them in and work together on it, you need to get a shape in your hair that works for you.

Elissa. asks:
My hair was naturally curly I have been straightening it with a ceramic straightener for 3 years. I give my hair a break every couple of days but I was wondering if it's possible for my hair to become permanently straight after it's been naturally curly just because of a straightener? And can the shampoo that I'm using also cause it to happen?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your hair can loose its curl due to excessive straightening especially with over abuse. When you straighten your hair, especially if it is everyday there is the possibility that you could be seriously de hydrating it. This will result in your hair loosing moisture and so your natural wave and movement would be restricted. You hair needs TLC. It needs moisture putting back into it, every time you wash your hair, especially as it has natural curl. Some shampoos can also have an effect on your curl result. I would recommend using a professional straightening iron, I always use these products when doing session work, as I find that out of all the products I have used, this line leaves the hair in great condition. If you are wishing to some times go with your natural curl I think first a visit to your professional salon for some in depth conditioning treatments will rejuvenate your lost moisture allowing you to bring that curl back.

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