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Charlotte asks:
I have a fancy dress party coming up I have naturally auburn hair and would like to dye in non-permanently blonde is this possible if so how?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Sorry, but there isnít such a thing.

Yet it is an easy one to solve!
Go to your salon and ask them to introduce some hair wefts (with comb attachments) that you place into your hair wherever you want the colour to be. ...More >

This is a quick fix and something that I do all the time while working on models or photographic shoots to introduce some colour.

You then also have them whenever you would like to change your look again with no colour commitment! EASY!

G Forde asks:
I am 36 and have red/auburn hair which I colour as I am now going grey, I was wondering if I should start going lighter more strawberry/ash shades as I find my grey is more noticeable now when roots come through. My hair is long and very thick with a natural curl that I straighten, what is the correct thing for a redhead to do as I am losing my natural pigment?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
If you are a natural red head and your grey is becoming more obvious. I would recommend visiting a professional salon and introducing some High light tones to give your hair a Strawberry blonde colour as you suggested. ...More >

This would definitely help reduce the appearance of the root area coming through as your hair grows and give you a much softer look.

As you loose your natural pigment, your tone and its vibrancy fades. Ask your stylist about the use of colour shampoos in between visits to keep replenishing that Gorgeous red head look.

Jenny asks:
Can you advise me how to refresh my salon permanent colour by topping it up with a temporary at-home toner every three or four weeks to keep the depth of colour and shine? My hairdresser uses L'oreal Diacolor Dark Blonde as the toner. How long would I leave it on? Are there any tips you can give me? My hair has been coloured for many years and is in good condition.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Don't do it. The best advice I could give you is to go see your stylist and ask his/her advice. They may be able to offer you a temporary colour or coloured mousse from the salon. If they do not have this service themselves then they should be able to better guide you with what to recommend. The reason for suggesting the above is that I do not want to recommend something to you that could potentially affect your colour result when you next visit the salon.

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