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Susie asks:
I have curly/frizzy hair medium length/short hair - but not African. I have a clump at the front which is really thick and I am fed up with it! Should I relax this/straight perm it? Or are there other ways to manage it? I like a bob style, short at back and down to point, but the fringe is just a blob! Help

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
I can imagine your frustration, There is a great product on the market which is available from a professional salon named KeraStraight the straightening process is less harsh and less damaging than normal hair straightening treatments, this treatment lasts for up to four month but can be repeated. I suggest you have your hair first relaxed with KeraStraight, but definitely tell your stylist that your front is difficult to control, then a good stylist should be able to correct the way your hair falls after this treatment and then have the cut, the hair way the hair falls after the treatment will tell you and your stylist how much should be cut off the fringe, I love the Bob Idea and was one of the inventors of it, a well cut bob can look amazing as long as the length is right for your facial features. Naturally, after a few Months, the root of your hair will grow back when you could consider a second treatment. It is essential that you use the best shampoo and conditioners after such treatments which you should be able to purchase at the salon you have your relaxing treatment.

Armando Gomez asks:
I am Mexican, my hair wonít stay down. Itís hard, dry and naturally "spiky" my hair is not curly its super straight and thick. From the sides of my head it grows straight out not down. From the front of my head it grows straight out! I have let it grow long but it just puffed again my hair is NOT CURLY nor FRIZZY. HELP!

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
My advice would be to use Moroccan oil which is amazing, your hair will absorb the product and immediately enhance manageability shine and long term condition without leaving residue. Also blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to the way the hair wants to go. I would also highly recommend Kerastraight which is really conditioning and is a non-chemical product, it is great for dull dry hair, damaged hair, curly and wavy, frizzy hair. I think that you would really benefit from this and make your hair much more manageable.

Elizabeth Boyland asks:
I am a 48 year old naturally blonde woman 5 feet tall with long thick hair and an oval face who feels that her hairstyle is making her look older. Could you please suggest a style that would be more appropriate for my age?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
There comes a point where longer hair on a woman can be a little ageing. My advice if youíre looking to change your style is to opt for a classic bob. Firstly the change will not feel too drastic and the style is easy to maintain. Also the bob shape tends too suit all face shapes and textures of hair so this could be a good starting point while you find pictures of styles that appeal to you. Take a look on the Style Gallery on the site, there are some fantastic styles on there and you can always print a few off and take them along to the Salon.

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