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Alexis asks:
I’ve had an ombre hair disaster. I used to have long dark hair and was after an ombre effect on the ends. I had balayage highlights done last week but didn’t want highlights all over so decided to go elsewhere to have it ’rectified’. The end result is unfortunately awful. Instead of dying the whole top dark brown, they just painted over the highlighted sections and it doesn’t match my colour so is very patchy. The ombre itself is not well integrated and is an unflattering ash colour, which also comes up quite high. With this much hair there is no hiding it. I’ve already spent a huge amount of money so can’t justify another salon trip. If I use a DIY dye will this work or will the bleached ends create a problem? What are my options? Thanks in advance!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Alexis, The options you have are a little bit limited but I think the best one is to use a semi permanent colour all over. If you choose something a colour of shades lighter than your natural colour with a warm tone of colour that you like, so gold, copper or red. I would suggest you buy 2 boxes of colour and apply all over to dry hair. This should totally tone and blend and give you a more subtle but multi tonal effect. The disadvantage is that it will shampoo out but you can use colour conditioner to help prevent the fade or re apply every month. I don’t suggest you using a permanent colour on long thick hair as it will be too hard for you to get an even result. Good luck

Shia asks:
I have African hair. I have done a Brazilian blowout treatment 3 weeks ago. A few days ago, after shampooing my hair, I applied Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral and left it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out. I towel dried my hair, and applied Kérastase Nutritive Creme Magistral as a leave-in product. Even before blow-drying my hair, I could feel my hands being quite sticky when I ran them through it. After blow-drying, the hair looked fairly shiny but not very bouncy. And while I was styling it (with a ceramic curling iron), I noticed white residue on my scalp.

What did I do wrong? What could explain the stickiness, lack of bounciness or the white residue? I realise all of these issues can be due to different things. Also, is it better to wait for a few days before washing my hair and go through the blow-dry/ironing/styling process all over again? Are there any risks in keeping it as it is for a few days, or because of these issues is it better if I wash it again as soon as possible?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
Experiencing too much residue after using a deep conditioning mask usually means that you are using too much product, leaving it on for too long or not rinsing it out effectively. Whenever you use a deep conditioning mask, apply just a 10p sized amount and leave on for five minutes – building up to longer if necessary – before rinsing properly. Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral is a restorative hair mask that is very nourishing for severely dried-out, thick hair, so it sounds ideal for your natural hair type and texture, however it could be that while this product is perfect for your natural un-treated hair, it is no longer suitable for your hair after a Brazilian Blow-Dry. A Braziian Blow-Dry is a treatment that penetrates the hair with Keratin, so moisture is sealed into the hair cuticle, leaving it more manageable, less frizzy and more resilient. The needs of your hair after a treatment change and the products you use should reflect this change to your hair’s behaviour. This could also be the reason Kérastase Nutritive Creme Magistral is leaving your hair lacking in bounce and volume – again, it is a product designed for severely dried-out hair, so it could be too heavy for your hair now, following your Brazilian Blow-Dry. As you regularly use a hairdryer and heated curling tongs, I would advise switching to a lighter leave-in product, that is designed to be used when blow-drying, to encourage volume and body, while providing nourishment, heat protection and shine. Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Crčme is a heat styling cream designed to be used when blow-drying thick and unruly hair, so should be ideal for your hair type and your styling habits. Not only will it help to reduce blow-drying time – which will in turn protect your hair health – it will fight any frizz that grows back in, as the effects of your Brazilian treatment wear off, and will provide thermo-protection from your hairdryer use and protect the hair’s integrity, which can be compromised by regular use of a curling iron. Again, stick to the recommended amount for your hair length, and avoid using on your scalp or too close to your roots, to avoid leaving that residue you describe.

Following a Brazilian Blow-Dry, the hair must not be washed for four days. As your stylist will probably have advised, during this time you must also avoid tying your hair back or wearing it pushed behind your ears. After that, you should wash and style your hair as advised by your hairstylist, using a recommended shampoo and conditioner. There is absolutely no harm in then leaving your hair for a few days until your next wash – in fact, it is sometimes advisable: washing hair too often can strip the scalp of the natural oils that keep the hair and scalp healthy and that encourage healthy hair growth. Also, when you wash your hair more frequently, the effects of the Brazilian Blow-Dry treatment wear off faster, so to enjoy the results for longer, you should avoid washing your hair daily. When you do wash your hair, be sure to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates or sodium chloride and try to limit use of heated appliances to every other wash.

Divya asks:
Does usage of coffee powder increase hair growth? I have just started using coffee powder with coconut oil and curd. I’ve changed to beer shampoo as well. Feeling like my hair fall is a bit more. Is it because my hair needs to adapt to the change?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Divya, The use of coffee in some hair products is said to make hair feel thicker and fuller and also to reduce the natural oils produced, but it’s a difficult one to prove. I don’t think it would help contribute to hair falling out. Thank you

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