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kate asks:
I am getting married and have long layered, very thick hair. I would love to have my hair up but want to make sure that the style I choose will not fall out. I am not sure what style to go for, I have tried a french pleat and the pins just fall out. I am not sure that a hairdresser will understand just how heavy and thick my hair is. What should I do??

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Trust the professionals! Hairdressers work with all types of hair textures on a daily basis and know all the tricks of the trade! Heavy, thick hair is a challenge but it is workable if you know how. Visit some bridal experts in your local salon and ask their advice and suggestions - book in for a hair up session and see who you think ’gets you’ and then talk about a look for your wedding.

Becky asks:
My boyfriend has nice thick brown hair, but has a receding hairline. He does not want to cut his fringe short, as he has quite a large forehead. Are there any particular styles which would make a change from his long fringe whilst drawing no attention to his forehead?

Lee HolmesAnswered By:
Lee Holmes
Quite a popular mens style at the moment is to have the hair tapered, almost graduated at the back and quite heavy at the front. (Like the guitarist from Busted) this would be good for your boyfriend particularly as his hairline is receding.

Sharon asks:
I have unbelievable thick long hair, that when wet has kinks in... I would like to find a style that is short-medium length without it looking bushy and unmanagable, I would like to have a sliced, choppy bob or a pixie cut... I would like to know if these would be suitable for thick hair, I have an oval face... I have read so many conflicting material to these styles, I am now confused.

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
If your hair is thick I would go for a choppy just below the chin length bob as this will suit your oval face and will mean you can have a lot of the thickness cut out of your hair which will in turn make it more manageable. Do not be tempted to go too short if you are not 100% sure about it as if your hair is very thick it may look bouffant! Choppy bobs are very in for this summer so go for it but make sure you explain exactly what you want and take a picture of the style with you if possible! Have a look on the style gallery on the site for some ideas.

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