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Paul Reeves asks:
I am having a hair crisis I have been growing my hair but have no idea what style to have done. I really need some improvement if I am ever to get another girlfriend as at the moment I look like Wolf out of Gladiators than Johnny Depp. I have a round/oval face and my hair is thick but quite fine and fairly curly (it keeps going into girly ringlets or a big fuzz with no products. I enjoy snowboarding and kite surfing etc but like to dress pretty fashionably (I think!) but really need advice on a trendy contemporary style. Preferably keeping it a bit long but I am open to all ideas straightening, colours etc. I would appreciate any advice and a recommendation for a good stylist. The last lady I went to just looked at my hair and said its curly so I cannot do a lot apart from trim the ends.

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
Well Wolf out the Gladiators is a definite NO, NO as far as hair goes so you were right to ask for advice! You sound like you are a outdoor kind of guy so the long hair thing is a yes as long as its not too long and definitely not too groomed! To be honest if you hair is very curly longer is better as the more weight in the hair the looser the curls will be. I would advise using conditioner when washing your hair as this will help hair to be softer curls rather than frizzy. When styling your hair use a clay product such as Jlife Rocker as this will enable you to manipulate the hair and dread it slightly to give you a surfy look. Salt sprays are really good too for giving hair a messy look and to make things really easy

Jen asks:
I have a thermo hair straightener that gets my hair straight, but it remains very thick looking and flicks out to the sides at the bottom. I once had my hair straightened professionally, and it was perfectly sleek and straight. Is the straightener I am using inadequate, or am I doing something wrong?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Be careful not to curl the iron out as you get to the bottom. As this will cause your problem. Try to direct the iron under as you get to the bottom this should compensate and correct your problem.

Sophie asks:
I have shoulder length hair which is quite thick with a bit of a wave (well, looks curly when its wet, but just sticks out a bit when its dry). What do I do to get my hair to be curly when its dry?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
This season shows a new type of curl to reflect the Sienna Miller longer curl. Roots are smooth and groomed and the curl is not coming from root. For natural curly hair the best thing to do is apply a mousse, such as my Richard Ward Fast & Loose conditioning mousse, to towel dried hair. Dry roots smooth using a professional hairdryer (such as Parlux 3000w) then using the diffuser attachment scrunch the length until almost dry. Obviously the length of the hair will now be curled, so set 60% of hair on heated rollers - the bigger the rollers the looser the final curl. This will tame the hair whilst adding definition to the style - an application of a smoothing shine serum such as my Richard Ward Shine On (3.99) finishes the look.

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