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Diana asks:
I have a square face, thick wavy, medium length hair. I want to change my hairstyle would I suit a fringe? And what is the best way to have it cut?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
With a square face shape, a more rounded style will always suit more. The style will essentially be counteracting the angles of the jaw line to create a softer less harsh look. I would not recommend that you go for a blunt fringe as this will only emphasise a square face, although a sweeping fringe can look fantastic. You will need a style with soft lines and lots of feathering onto your face. A good way to get the hair even softer is to introduce waves, which can be done with tongs or Styling Irons by gripping a section of hair to the plates and turning the irons 180 degrees back towards your scalp and running the irons down your hair. Remember to always use my P2Fifty Professional Blow-dry and Straightening Heat Protection Mist (6.99) this creates gorgeous waves that really last due to the heat of the appliance. Finish with my Messed Up Spray Wax (4.49) to create more texture and definition.

Lucy asks:
I have really thin, flat hair and would like extensions to give it a bit more thickness and bounce. All extensions I have seen are poker straight and flat to the scalp which I really would not like. Is it possible to get wavy ones?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Racoon real hair extensions (stockist 01295 770999) have a natural wave to the hair which can be styled sleek, wavy or curly depending on what you want. Styles you have seen may just be the way that the person has wanted to wear the hair. With real hair, you can treat it just like your own - I recommend you use the new D:Fuse styling irons (79.95, stockist 01282 683100) as its just one product but you can straighten, curl or wave.

Mike asks:
I am a guy and I have really thick hair and a lot off cow flicks. When I wash my hair it gets really puffy and looks dry, and instead of going down, it puffs up so it looks like I have a huge head. Is there anything I can do so my hair looks and feels soft and goes down?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Your hair needs to be chopped into technically, at roots, so as to break the wave up, done with scissors this will not make the ends fluffy, this will reduce width height, use Trevor Sorbie moulding mud to shape when hair is damp and let your hair dry naturally

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