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Lucy asks:
I have dark brown, medium thickness hair that goes wavy in damp weather, its long at the min and I need a change. I fancy a choppy bob a bit like Victoria Beckhams new do, but I am worried that if my hairs shorter it will just curl up? My face is round but I have good cheekbones and a decent jaw line, any advice for going shorter?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Hey Lucy go for it! I would take the plunge and go shorter but I would also advise some flashes of colour through your hair. This will break up the texture of you hair and make it appear more choppy. You also need to use a straightening balm when you are styling your hair, GHD do a great one and also a product called thermal protector. If you spray this on your hair and then use the GHD straighteners your style should last much longer. Both the straightening balm and the thermal protector repel atmospheric moisture and help keep your hair looking good for longer! I am not sure whether it will get you David Beckham but hey ho!

Hayley Lewis, Bramhall

Sarah - Louise asks:
My hair is very long, down to the bottom of my back. It is very thick and 18 months ago, I dyed it black and red. I have about 4 inches of roots showing. My natural hair colour is medium brown. I want to dye my hair a dark blonde/gold colour and was wondering if this is possible with my hair coloured already. After 18 months my hair is now a maroon colour with patches of faded black but my natural hair colour on the whole of the underneath. I have been told by one hairdresser that I can dye my hair dark blonde, but it needs to be stripped a few times first. A different hairdresser on the other hand, told me I cannot dye it any other colour but black. Could you please give me the correct information on whether or not I can dye my hair the colour I want.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
It is a rather difficult job, so you will found some hairdressers not wanting to do it. I would be able to do the job probably in the same manner as hairdresser number 1, doing some module or even perhaps a shampoo bleach but you have to think about the condition of your hair after the process, I would however very strongly advised you to have a strand test prior to having it done.

Camille asks:
I have this great friend who refuses to cut his hair short. He told me he would cut it the same way I do. My hair is extremely thick, dry, and wavy. But I really want to try short hair, I was hoping for about ear length. Is there anyway I can pull this off without getting an afro?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
If your hair is just wavy and not curly cutting it short might get rid of the wave in which case you have no problem you could use a good styling wax to control the style afterwards. If your hair is curly then you have a bigger problem and getting a short style might make your hair unmanageable.

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