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Stacy asks:
I have long, straight hair and for the past 1/2 year or so my part is falling down the back of my head and making it look like I have a bald spot (I am not going bald - my hair is quite thick and I am only 28). This is causing an unsightly part in the back of my head and it NEVER was like this before. How can I change this? I have tried wetting it and blow drying it straight, gelling it down, but nothing works.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
There is nothing for you to worry about; it is just the natural fall of your hair as it gets longer and heavier. We advise that if you have had a parting for a while then change it to the other side. It feels a bit strange at first but it is also a way of giving your hair a change. ...More >

The other option you have is quite radical, why not have an amazing restyle and completely change your look? This should also get rid of the problem you are experiencing and a fresh new style!

Be Bold & enjoy your change!

Katie asks:
I just turned 16 and I am ready for a style update! I have worn my thick, curly hair in long layers since age 12 and am ready for a change. I was searching around and found myself always returning to the long shag, but I do not think it will work. My hairs curl is similar to Beyonces, and I have a lot of thick hair. I am looking for something that will be low maintenance, needing only a bit of scrunching or mousse in the morning. Is this a plausible cut or can you use your style genius to suggest another? I am looking for something more on the cute side.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
It really depends on whether you want to spend more time on your hair. If you are looking for low maintenance as you suggest then I would advise a style to encourage the curls that you have been given! ...More >

If you are prepared to spend time with irons then you could have something quite sleek & cute as you say! This is achievable but there is some work needed from you!

As they say on Big Brother, YOU DECIDE!

Justi asks:
My hair is straight, thick long (good 4-5 inch below my shoulders) and heavy! I have been growing it for two years and had a dream of having long thick wavy hair. I have been doing some research and some stylist said that a perm will disappear after two days because my hair is too heavy and healthy! Are there any permanent waving techniques or products that will last?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I am not sure why a stylist would tell you that your perm would disappear after only 2 days. It all depends on how curly you would like your hair. Most salons now would look to give you quite a soft wave which, if you have thick, heavy hair, would not seem to last you very long but I am sure it would last you more than 2 days! If you have long, thick hair it does tend to pull your hair down! It may be worth you having some layers through your hair to get rid of some of the weight and allowing your hair to curl or wave. I think what would be a good idea to have a look on style/style.aspand see if there are any styles that you would love to have. Print them off and take them along to a salon and ask how you could achieve the look! I am sure you will be able to have a fab new look!

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