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Victoria asks:
I have just had a mobile hair technician charge me 150 for putting weaves in my hair. She has put a 3" row in the bottom of my hair and a very thick bulky top row in. She says this is a full head of weave extensions. Is this correct? The bottom small row is very loose and the top row is very thick and bulky and makes my head sore to lay on it. Surely this cannot be correct. She is refusing to do anything about it.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Firstly, properly installed hair extension should not have any long term discomfort for the client.

In my opinion a properly trained hair extension technician would be concerned about the comfort of the client, the overall look and presentation of the finished hair extensions, client satisfaction, confident in their overall professionalism, not shying away from dealing with any client discomfort, professionally resolve any problems. ...More >

A full head of hair extensions would usually mean that the extensions have been installed at least 1 centimetre away from the front hairline. A half head of hair extensions start from ear to ear and are installed at the back of the clients head.

System of application are: individually, tracks, partial or whole head systems.

Usually when a weave is done, the correct procedure is to apply several tracks to the bottom row near the back of the neck, so as to build up volume. The middle row a couple of tracks and the top row only one track. This ensures that there is no discomfort at the top of the head.

I suggest you ask your hair extension consultant to remove the tracks and place them the other way round; she should be willing to do this at no extra cost because she would have already prepared the cornrow tracks.

Gail asks:
I have been thinking about having my hair cut into a bob for sometime now but I am not sure if with me having fairly thick hair it would work well I also have a round/oval face what styles would you recommend?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have set your sights on a bob stay away from a really short cut as this will accentuate the fullness around the jaw. Instead go for something under the jaw line to slim the face. Victoria Beckhams new longer brown bob is something that could work well with your face shape and hair type. It is a sophisticated look, yet a little bit edgy! To control the thickness I would suggest taking the weight out of your hair by incorporating long layers and feathering onto the face to soften the line. This will give you a dual hairstyle which you can encourage curl and movement or keep to the original straighter bob. This cut would work well on most hair types with the correct styling, although your hair needs to be kept in fantastic condition with regular treatments I would advise that you use my Messed Up Spray Wax (RRP 4.49) to get a bit of texture! This is a very versatile look, if you wanted it sleek and polished you would have to carefully blow dry down the hair shaft to get the cuticles as flat as possible whilst finishing with my Poker Straight and Kind Curly Irons and mist of Shine Head Shine Spray (RRP 4.49). If you were opting for a textured low key messy look you would just have to give it a quick blast with a hair dryer. Maybe give the front section a quick press with flat irons (or leave slightly wavy) and then finish with my spray wax. As with all heat styling remember your protection Straightening Iron Protection Mist.

Michelle asks:
My hair is thick and long, so can occasionally get greasy, but since I have coloured it has been limp and lifeless, with an excess of oil at the roots. Are there any shampoos or treatments available to cleanse my hair whilst maintaining the colour?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your colour service may have left your body feeling like it needs to replace sebum (oil). What I would do first is

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo (not for greasy hair)?
While shampooing only give your hair a light massage, and try not to wash it every day as this will increase your sebum production.
You need a certain amount of oil on your scalp and if you are removing it all every day with shampooing then your body will try and replace it quicker as it is getting the message that your scalp is dry. Also after shampooing on the final rinse use cool water to cool down your scalp. Also use a light spray leave in conditioner and only apply this to your mid lengths and ends ensuring it does not come into contact with your scalp. Please try the above first as this may well sort out you problem after the chemical colour service you have just had

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