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Aiyah asks:
I have very thin hair. It is a little past my shoulders and it always frizzes up. I had a perm put in because my hairdresser said it would give some body, but it didn't it just made it frizzier. Is there anything I can do to treat my hair and make it thicker?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Sounds like you already had body in your hair and it just needed to be controlled. If I might suggest searching for a new hairdresser that will truly understand your hair and find a style that will make your hair do what you want it to.

Michelle asks:
I have been trying to lengthen my hair for a long time but it never seems to grow. Is there anything I can do to help its growth? It just tends to stop at shoulder length.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The natural growth cycle of hair can be different on everyone (look at mine it gave up years ago, except on my chin). And not everyone is destined to be able to grow their hair long. There are professional products on the market which are fantastic not just for hair loss but also hair thickening and helping to maintain a healthy hair a scalp. This may benefit you an it will promote hair growth and keep you hair healthy. Also ensure that when you visit your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks that you only have removed what is entirely necessary. When brushing your hair make sure that you use a bristle brush, this will ensure that your hair is looked after while brushing rather than been pulled out from the root or split and damaged as come plastic combed brushes do. This is called mechanical damage and is a large contributing factor to split ends, static and can be a factor in perceived lack of hair growth

Sophie asks:
I am a teenager, but a fashion addict and very much into edgy hairstyles to go with my sense of fashion. However, I have a square jaw and find it difficult to have a look that suits me with my wavy, hard to manage thick hair. At the moment, I have quite a thick, blunt fringe and my hair is just below my shoulders. It is dark brown, nearly black. I would love ideas on what I could do for a statement cut with a square jaw that is not too fussy or feathered.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Strong shapes can really emphasize a square jaw line so I would definitely go for softening your naturally wavy thick hair. Being a fashion addict as you say allows you to be bold in your choice. If you wanted to go short then a really edgy crop with a soft wispy perimeter would really suit your face shape. Alternatively a razor/blading technique would bring your hair to life, make your hair more manageable and allow you to get varied styles out of your locks.

My advice would be to keep your blunt fringe yet have your internal shape bladed for texture and softness that allows you to have diversity when styling. Bladed correctly your hair will definitely become easier to dry and can also help remove or increase some of the natural wave texture you have in it. This technique allows you to straighten or curl with ease allowing you to change your look without another visit to the salon.

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