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Emily asks:
I stopped using straighteners a good 6 or 7 months ago and only do it occasionally, I have always conditioned my hair and looked after it using heat protector when I straighten it, and I have never blow dried it more often than for special occasions. But within the past 6 months I have wiry curly, kinky strands that look and feel completely different to the rest of it, there are also patches where it is worse with tighter curly bits and tiny corkscrew bits. My hair is naturally thick and wavy and I generally just leave it natural with a bit of gloss. However my fringe is worst affected which I straighten more often but not since Christmas and it is getting worse! I love my hair and I just cannot work out where I am going wrong! Anybody got any ideas? Is it heat damage? Or can stress cause this type of reaction

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Stress can be a major factor in hair conditions. When your body is feeling something, it will let you know some how and hair can definitely be affected. ...More >

The worst think you can do is worry about it, it could make it worse.

But please remember you hair can change in texture, colour and amount due to stress or illness. I would recommend seeing a good Tricologist (Hair Expert) there are some on the site here. But some one needs to see you personally.

Go visit them and they will be able to give you excellent advice and remove your worries

Chantelle asks:
I have been wanting to do something with my hair for a long time but have a phobia of hairdressers and am only just getting used to them. My hair is quite dark (not jet black) 2 inches below my shoulders and is naturally wavy (which I straighten) but it always seems so lifeless. I want to add colour and have a different style but worried it will make my hair even thicker than it is? Please help me, I am totally clueless.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Please go to a good salon near you for a consultation. With this visit there is no commitment and you can find out if you feel confident with the advice they give you. Take some images out of hair magazines on looks that you like and discuss these with the stylist to see if you are both heading in the same direction of what you are aiming for. They will give you advice on face shape suitability, hair maintenance and up keep requirements for each style. Colour and cut go together and with the right technique in cutting your hair would not appear thicker in-fact it is possible to reduce the bulk of your hair to make styling easier. ...More >

Ask your stylist about razoring or blading techniques as this is a fantastic way of overcoming your problems.

If you straighten your hair and it appears lifeless then after blow drying your hair smooth try straightening the last 2 thirds of your hair which will retain some natural bounce from the root area.

Edna asks:
What styles do you suggest for 62 year old stylish women with thick curly medium length hair?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Keep the style.

Keep the glamour, by softly working with your natural curl and creating a beautiful Lauren Becall look. Prep the hair by applying LOreal professional tecni art Pli for shine and hold. This can easily be achieved by placing Velcro rollers into your hair. To get this look work the rollers in each section around the head in the same direction on the first row. On the second row place the rollers in the opposite direction. Wind the whole head of hair in this way and when dry brush through to release soft bouncy waves with glamour and infinite style.

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