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Liz asks:
I have very thick straight hair which for years was cut in a medium bob. Now I have it in a layered bob but want a fringe. I do not want a very heavy fringe as I have a disastrous one in the past which took a long time to grow out. What should I ask the hairdresser to do as I am frightened of ending up with a huge heavy fringe again?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Ask the hairdresser to section the hair off at the front when itís wet and you can see the thickness. Begin with a light fringe to start with and then you can always add more later. As you hair is thick I suggest that you donít go for a really thin fringe as it wont balance with your hair type.

Good Luck

Jennifer asks:
Iím 16 years old and learned to treat my hair with respect the hard way. I had been frequently dying my hair brown and blonde for the past few years, only noticing that it has become a bit thinner, but nothing major. People would joke and say if I continued dying my hair, I would ruin it and regret it. To play it safe I decided to use a henna dye. Big mistake! It turned my hair pond green. The next day I decided to just colour over it with a Garnier dye. After rinsing, for the first time ever, my hair felt like straw and began breaking off. It has been 5 months now and each individual strand is very thin (not to mention my already thin hair) it breaks very easily, feels rough, looks dull, and incredibly disgusting. I do organic oil treatments every night and a deep conditioner every day with organic gentle shampoos, and it has improved. I was wondering if in a few years and with excellent care when new hair has grown in completely if it will ever return to its natural thickness, shine and strength, or will it continue to grow in unhealthy, brittle and damaged?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
The brittle and damaged hair is from all the colour and henna you have used. Grow some roots and then go and get it cut short in a great style. Sometimes scissors are the only fix.

Naomi asks:
I have very fine and naturally very dark brown (nearly black) hair. I am quite pale with blue eyes, I have been considering dying my hair for a while now and I would love to dye it blonde. I am just worried how it would turn out. What can you suggest?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Anything is possible.

Adding colour to you fine hair has benefits of swelling the hair making it feel and look thicker. ...More >

As you have pale skin with blue eyes then the colour selection you are considering would be perfect.

Remember you do not have to have a full head colour application. Colour placement used in the right way in connection with your hair cut can be very effective.

I would recommend visiting your professional salon for a consultation and strand test so before you commit you can see the colour result first hand.

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