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Denise asks:
I want a low maintenance cut for thick coarse hair with natural wave. I donít like to spend a lot of time or use a lot of product. Iím a 50 year old tom boy with sass and still want to look good. Any ideas?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
For me with your type of hair texture I would go with a gorgeous little crop. A great example of this is someone like Judy Dench. This style is very low maintenance and at the same time can be made to look glamorous or easily turned into an every day look.

Stacey asks:
I sort of have a few challenges all in one which is frustrating! I have very fine hair, I have a double crown and my hair gets greasy very easily too. I wear my hair short because when I try to grow it, it tends to get a bit straggly, limp and again greasy. The double crown doesnít help because when I wake up in the morning itís sticking up all over the place and when trying to grow it I still have to wash it and blow dry it every single day. Iíd love to have feminine, long luscious hair - is there any way I can achieve this? Or will I always have short hair? And if I will always have short hair thatís fine but how do I combat the double crown and grease! I feel so yucky and not like a lady at all! Though it does look great when freshly washed and blow dried, but disastrous the next morning! Thanks heaps for your help!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Ok letís try to sort the oily hair out first. Firstly invest in a specific oily scalp shampoo and always wash your hair with luke warm water and not hot is this makes the scalp produce more oil.

As far as the double crown is concerned Iím afraid that will always be a problem with short styles but just as a suggestion you could consider Racoon Internationalís hair extensions to make your hair thicker and also the length youíve been after.

Amber asks:
I am 5í4 and overweight (bout 240lbs) I am a Mum of 2 beautiful little girls and I want a new style for my hair. My hair is wavy somewhat thick and to the middle of my back however I never wear it down it is always in a bun which my husband hates! I donít like it in my face. Back before my kids (and the weight) I had a cute Meg Ryan style short and layered all over it was wash and go and with my wavy hair was perfect. I really loved it! I would like something like that again but Iím afraid with a round full face and being overweight it would look bad or I would look MORE overweight than I am!! Please help...can you give me some ideas!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
I understand in time we all change, not only our bodies but also our hair clothes and lifestyle. Yes it can be scary going short again especially if you feel you have put on weight however a good reputable hair stylist should be able to look at your face shape and cut a style to suit. Try going shorter gradually to soften the blow of going short you never know you may come across a style you like more within the process.

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