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Karen asks:
My son is 15 and has ginger hair that is very thick and curly. He washes it every other day and uses straighteners. It is now beginning to break off and fall out. Should he stop straightening it or are there some better products to protect it. He hates his hair being curly. He also wants to dye it black but will this be difficult if he’s ginger?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
First invest in some professional straighteners, they will look after his hair condition. As for dying his natural hair black? It may look good on him but the up keep to stop the root area showing will become constant. Keep the red hair.

Rezina asks:
I been straightening my hair for 10 days ago but now I want to go back my original hair. Before straightening my hair was flappy but now it is flat. Is there any way I could possibly remove the chemical from my hair and how can I make my hair thicker (I have done temporary straightening only for three months)

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Unfortunately this straightening system has a 3 month period before it will eventually become back to your hairs normal state however all is not lost, try using velcro rollers or volumising spritzes to help encourage fullness and thickness while you’re in the process of fading this treatment out.

Aimee asks:
I have curly hair, but not frizzy and was wondering what the best cut is for me? I have long hair and was thinking of cutting a thick fringe but not too sure if this is the best for curly hair as it might curl up during the day. What is the best and cut for my hair, still keeping up with the trends?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
A fringe can work on way or curly hair, absolutely but keen in mind it will not appear and react like naturally straight hair. So you have to get with the flow of nature. You could blow dry the fringe to control the hair. I personally prefer leaving it all natural. A fringe is an excellent option to strengthen long hair, especially the face shape as it opens the cheek bone and jaw line area. Fringes come and go but there never really out.

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