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Barbara asks:
I have dyed my hair blonde for many years now using a branded home colour. One day I decided to go too a top hairdressers and have my roots/regrowth done there. After paying over 100 pounds my hair looked like it had been bleached at the top but darker everywhere else. As my hair has grown this thick band of lighter colour keeps moving down my hair. How can I keep my hair blonde but ensure that it is all one colour? I am scared of applying my home colour to this band incase it goes even lighter.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Oh dear, I am afraid that you will really need to return to the hairdressers to sort this problem as it will mean that your hair will be lighter in areas if you just apply a colour all over. It is not something I would advise you try to do at home. It is frustrating but in the long run the best way. The salon will have to apply a full head of colour but blend into the un-even areas. You should visit a salon for a consultation and ask them how they would achieve an all over colour.

Faizal asks:
I have fine hair and round face. I need your advice on what kind of men hairstyle suits me.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
The trick with a round face is to find a style that elongates and does not accentuate the roundness - so avoid anything with a fringe or anything jaw length as these styles will just add width. If your hair is fine, then ask for a choppy and disconnected style that will give the illusion of thickness. Try not to use too heavy products on your hair as it will just weigh it down.

Sharon asks:
My hair is fine I want a style that is long but I want to make it look full and thick, how do I choose a style to suit?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
This is something that comes up a lot, due to the use heated appliances, chemical processing and stress, hair can become very fine if it is not naturally like that anyway. There are some great ways to make your hair seem fuller and I would suggest that one of them was styling. A great tip for creating a frizz free voluminous, high glamour look is to put your locks in big velcro rollers when it is 80% dry. Blast your hair all over with a hot hair dryer and leave in for twenty mins. Give your hair a fine mist of hairspray all over; try Hold Tight. When that has dried remove the curlers and brush it out using a product like Messed Up Spray Wax which stops your hair from frizzing and gives it a slightly messy look. You can also use Poker Straight Dehumidifier to stop fuzzy waves. To control flyaway hair, spray a comb with hairspray and run it through your hair or simply spray some Shine Head Shine Spray over your hair for the ultimate glass like effect. The best way to use your straightening irons for this season is to use ceramic flat irons that are small and easily maneuvered. You need to take small sections of your hair, grip it on the ceramic plate near the root. GENTLY turn the irons 360 degrees and run it down the hair shaft taking care not to snag any strands. Ensure you keep hold of the ends of your hair (which will be pointing downwards) and move with the flat irons. This creates amazing waves and your hair will be full and stunning a la Sienna and will last due to the heat of the straighteners. Mess up the look with Messed Up Spray Wax applied all over . A top tip would be to do this style the night before you are due to go out and sleep on it to get that second day look! Styling always takes a bit of practice but when you have perfected it is really worth it - this look will have you turning heads wherever you go!

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