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Anne-Marie asks:
I have shoulder length thick wavy hair which often looks frizzy, I have tried different styles but have never found one that I really like I was thinking about getting a loose perm do you think this would be a good idea as I have a round face shape.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
In my opinion I feel that getting a loose perm will just add to your frizz problem. It will lift the cuticle and dry out your hair. May I suggest you using a good clarifying shampoo such as Razzamatazz clean start and then using moisturizing products that will encourage curl as opposed to a frizzy wave. Also Razzamatazz Jellee is an awesome product for de-frizzing and making wavy or curly hair soft and shiny.

Kathryn asks:
I am 18 and have coloured medium brown extra long hair which is not thick or thin, its in between and I want something different. I would like to go ash blonde with caramel foils underneath, but I do not want to look like Barbie. What else could I do and would stripping my hair be very damaging. I there another way?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It all depends on the condition of your hair, before you put any colour in the hair make sure that you condition and moisturise your hair. The prior preparation of the hair it is very important for us before any colouring service try J. F. Lazartigues moisturising mask, a great product. As for hair colour if the condition is ok and your hairdresser agrees with it, GO FOR IT !!

Ellie asks:
I have a widows peak and it loves to cause me problems! I find it so hard to have a fringe I managed one for a while, but it was very tedious styling and liked to split in the middle due to my widows peak. Is there any style that is very manageable and much more interesting than just an off centre parting?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Side parting fringes will always be much easier to control with your problem. Also a thicker heavier fringe would always be easier. Now if your problem is because its a directional 'widows peak try to blow dry it in the opposite direction to where the hair wants to go.

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