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Ema asks:
I have very thick long brown hair, I straighten it when I wash it but naturally it is very frizzy. It takes me over an hour an to straighten! It looks nice when I straighten it- it is shiny and in good condition but when I just want to leave it, it is so flyaway and in between curly and wavy. Is it time for me to get it cut I would still like it long but in a more refined style. Which style should I go for? I am 15 years old.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I would like to suggest a style that would allow you to wear it straight, curly, down or up

I would use Julia Roberts as an inspiration V shaped at the back with long layers.

Hilde asks:
After a heavy maternity period - I find it time to mark this next stage of life with a new haircut. Only one question remaining: which one? Although my demands will be very familiar to every new mom, they seem to be aiming too high for our local hairdresser. I am looking for a done-in-no-time, no-daily-styling (considering our overactive toddler), no wax-gel-or-spray (it gives me an itching scalp), weather-proof (I cycle to work) hair style. As I am blessed with medium-thick wavy hair and a square face, apparently the only solution remaining is a boring ponytail. Can you please give me some concrete examples of trendy-mom coiffures totry out?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
You are right, this is a great time for a new look! Catherine Zeta-Jones is a wonderful example of luscious, gorgeous, wavy hair and perhaps could offer some inspiration. Obviously you will not have time to style your hair on a daily basis but for a special event or just a treat - setting your hair in Velcro rollers will give you a gorgeous hairstyle, and these are simply to apply as it will take 10-15 minutes to curl and then leave them whilst your getting your kids ready for bed, cooking dinner etc! My wife has similar hair to you and as mother of two, we know how precious time is! Also, ponytails do not have to be boring and practical, you can add a scarf or a flower to the ponytail and it instantly makes you feel glamorous. The high ponytail with a disheveled front (like Kate Winslet wears) can look equally stunning

Heidi asks:
I have mid-long length hair which is straight but has a kink in it. First of all is there a way without straightening to get rid of the kink, secondly if I blow dry my hair even if I do it rough or neat it becomes extremely static and flyaway I use shampoo, conditioner, mousse and serum but still get them, my hair is quite thick too! How I can achieve loose curls because I have tried many tongs and heated rollers and the curls only last for about 1 hour as my hair is thick!

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
For your products replace the mousse with a non-chemical relaxer if you want straight hair try Razzamatazz STRAIT TIME. If you want loose curls, use a light styling product or nothing at all and just use a light hairspray before you curl the hair with the tongs and again afterwards, such as Razzamatazz Design Spray.

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