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Mary asks:
I must have the curliest hair ever! think 80's perm and this is natural I manage to kind of control the frizz by using a gel and not a moose. I can not blow dry my hair or I would never get out the front door because of the thickness! I always have to leave it wet and dry naturally. I have been stuck with the same hair cut since I was a teenager. I have a few layers. My hair is about an inch past my shoulders and currently looks in bad shape. I need a new style and some tips on what products to use, to keep it looking curly and fresh. Instead of dry and straggly!

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
You need to have more layers cut into your hair which will make it easier to manage. You also need to treat your hair to some intensive treatments to get it back into condition. One of the easiest ways to tame curly hair is to shampoo, condition and blot dry, then apply serum from roots to ends then with a diffuser dry using a low heat and speed. Having more layers will make your hair easier to control. Also, to stop your hair frizzing do not brush it when dry as this makes it wild and uncontrollable.

Adrienne asks:
I have thick coarse dry fizzy and wavy hair it is shoulder length I want to cut it but do not know what to get I was thinking a short angled bob short in the back and the front chin length so it will not take long to flat iron it. Would this be a good idea if not what should opt for my hair grows very quickly?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
If you are prepared to spend half an hour each day straightening your hair then this cut will be fine for you. However, might I suggest that you go for a consultation with the hairdresser and ask for their suggestions for a style that suits your hair texture and will take the minimum of time to blow-dry or style each day. That way life will be easier for you.

Sarah asks:
I have mousey coloured hair normally. It is very thick and very strong. I had it bleached blonde years ago through the cap, now its black and I want to go back to it, I know this is hard work - but please can you advise me how to go about this? Cost and time are not an issue.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
It is very difficult to highlight, I would suggest you get into this very slowly. A good hairdresser will know the right process. As for the system to use I would suggest foils as the colour would process better. This is going to be a hard job so please do not forget to use a good care range I would like to suggest the moisturizing range by J.F. Lazartigue.

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