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Rachel M asks:
I have very thick, curly hair; I do not have any problem getting volume into it except at the roots, where my hair stays flat resulting in a triangular shape. I have tried everything, please help! Also, any different hairstyles I could try that would be quick to sort out on a morning?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I think you need to have your hair cut with lots more layers this will stop the triangular shape from happening. Also it will allow the hair to spring up so then you will get more root lift. This should help you to style it in the morning, it should be a lot quicker and easier.

Maithili asks:
I have had curly (Indian) frizzy hair all my life but was always too nervous to play around with it. Recently I decided to change all that. After several months of research, I invested in a good blow dryer and a high end tourmaline technology flat iron, along with a good detangling/straightening balm and heat protecting spray.

I oiled my hair and washed it with shampoo after a couple of hours, following it up with conditioner. While it was damp I detangled my hair with my fingers using the balm. After this I blow dried it in sections.
After it was completely dry I put my hair up in sections again, sprayed heat protecting to each section before straightening it. I thought I had my bases covered as far as straightening my hair humanely went. While my hair looked just beautiful while it was straight, after I washed it, it went from being just curly and frizzy to extremely frizzy, coarse and like someone had bitten it off in bits. What did I do wrong while straightening? How do get my hair back to normal? How do I do this the right way? This is a three-in-one question, but I hope you can answer it!

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
There are two reasons that I can see in what you done. As I always say it is very dangerous to use the irons over wet hair even if it is with a protective spray, as hair is porous it normally absorbs all fluids inside, when you straighten your hair (normally at temperatures between 180 to 220 degrees, the fluid that has been adsorbed by your hair will boil producing steam that travels through the hair, this steam is pressure which will literally explode inside of your hair. You should apply your protection spray prior to drying your hair, but if you want to do it after make sure that you dry it before straightening. The other reason, which is a very similar reason, is the hot oil treatment, your hair has probably absorbed too much oil or even has not been rinsed properly so when you straighten your hair will again boil to the steaming point, try perhaps using a different and not as thick but more moisturising treatment

Jane asks:
I have fine-thick hair that gets oily easy but has split ends what should I do to keep my hair from getting oily but not from drying out at the ends?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
RAZZAMATAZZ 3 in 1 shampoo for normal to oily hair is awesome it has an apple base that will remove the oil but the added conditioner will take care of the split ends

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