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Natalie asks:
My hair is really thick, and has a little bit of a wave to it, but it is not frizzy. It goes about to my shoulders, and it has layers at the bottom. I want to know how to make it a little bit wavier, like almost curly, but not with ringlets or anything. How do I do that?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
When your hair is thick with very few layers it certainly makes it harder to curl and keep the curls in. I would recommend that if you desire to curl your hair, having some long layers put through your hair and thus taking some of the weight from your hair. This will make it easier to style and give you more choice and variation to your hair. Do you use irons at the moment because they are fantastic for curling hair also.

Nour asks:
I have really thick, curly frizzy hair that I straighten every 3 days using a Remington iron. I have been doing this for the past 4 months now and I have been finding that I am losing my natural curls! What do I do to get them back? Should I stop straightening my hair? And if so, what is the best thing to use on my hair to bring out some nice curls? Because I have previously tried moosing it but my curls bounce up and give me a shorter length look. Please help me with my problem because I do not want to loose my curls.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
It would be advisable to stop using the irons as they will reduce the amount of moisture on your hair needed to retain your curls. If you want to keep your curls use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and a good styling lotion such as RAZZAMATAZZ jellee to enhance your curls

Naomi asks:
I have long thick hair, when I use rollers it looks great for about 1 hour then it drops out despite a good volumising strong hairspray, can you recommend any products to make it hold?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It is such a pain to spend so much time on your hair and then have your efforts drop out before the night comes to an end. The trick to a long lasting blow dry is to spend a little extra time at the beginning and then dance the night away with out a hair care in the world. To create this much loved celebrity style get your hands on to one of my Flick Tease brushes and a can of my Double Blow Moousse and Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray - fasten your seatbelts laydees…you are about to go a full volume ride! Towel dry your hair and apply half a handful of the mousse evenly – do not forget the roots – this is the important part! Next - grab your brush, curl each section of your hair inwardly around the brush then blow away. Once you have completed your first blow dry, apply another half a handful of the Double Blow Mousse and blow dry your hair a second time. The difference will be instant! All you need now is a spritz of my Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray – this will keep even the most stubborn blow dry in place. You are now ready to hit the town and turn some heads…

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