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Emma asks:
I have long, medium thickness naturally white blonde hair and a fringe but I feel really boring because the most drastic thing I have ever had done is having it cut from bum length to my shoulders when I was about 9! I like the colour but I want a new look for 6th form in September. I'm thinking short/bob style but my fringe is causing problems as I canít find a style that looks right. Have you got any suggestions or should I grow my fringe out to make things easier. I have had it since I was 2! I have a round face but people say I have good cheek bones will a bob make my face look fatter?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you want to dazzle all your classmates on the first day of sixth form, then going for a bob is a really good way of making a statement. Theyíve really come back with an absolute vengeance over the past year starting with the "Pob" famously created on Posh and soon emulated by Katie Holmes. This iconic 1920ís cut has become so hot that more LA fashionistaís have jumped on board such as Eva Longoria and this look even shone through at the catwalks of Chanel. If you have a round face I would recommend going for a softer chop with a side-parting and layering to elongate your face similar to that of Eva Longoria this look is hot for this winter as it highlights the sharp black suits that we are seeing, sleek pencil skirts and generally having more bold statements in fashion for women. Itís a powerful look that goes against the grain of that typical LA look even more of a selling point is the ease at which to style your new bob. For a sleek look blow dry using my Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist after rubbing a little shine serum in your hands and smoothing through your hair. Your hair will be in the most beautiful condition with this smoothing and moisturising serum. To let your hair down after a hard week of coursework, go for a rock chick/party image by applying my new Messed Up Wonder Webb pump a small amount into your hands and rub together. Pull hands apart to see the webbing effect, work vigorously through the whole of your hair and then finger into place - perfect for that Friday night on the town!

Eeqa asks:
Is a concave hairstyle suitable for thin fine hair?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Absolutely, it will distribute the weight of the hair to come forward making your hair look thicker. Make an appointment with your stylist to discuss possible options.

Laura asks:
Iíve got dark blonde/light brown hair with natural highlights I like the colour but my hair is thick, under bust length with long layers that Iím trying to grow out as they just added more volume. (If I go too short I look like a triangle) I was hoping you could give me some advice on what style to get as my hair has just too much volume even after blow drying and straightening with good straighteners and this straightening gum I bought from Toni&Guy! Iíve also tried thinning but it didnít really make any difference. The texture of my hair is strange Iíve got two types of hair in one on top my hair tends to be smooth and fairly straight while underneath some of my hair it thicker and has zig-zaggy shafts and has got a natural wave but not nice enough to make good curls. I also bought that Boots home chemical straightening kit in shear desperation as I really need a change! But it wouldnít straighten the test strand even after the max time so I didnít use it! Is my hair just destined to by a huge wave mess or is there something that I could do without spending hours every day.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It sounds like youíve tried almost everything!

The one thing that might work is to have your hair razor thinned. This sounds drastic, but is basically a technique to help reduce the thickness in your hair. ...More >

Obviously you will still need to spend time on your hair but hopefully it will be easier for you.

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