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Millie asks:
I have EXTREMELY thick, long curly hair. I want to add volume to my hair since it just sits flat. Iíve had it cut in layers (or v-shape) but that didnít help much because it only added volume to the ends of my hair, but itís still flat at the top (close to the roots). What can I do, to add volume to ALL of my hair, both top and bottom?

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Millie - Try another haircut, but this time cut it in medium layers rather than long layers. This should do the trick. Good Luck.

Milana asks:
What is the best recommended blow dryer? I have thick, natural, dark hair, it takes me 40 minutes to just dry the hair. I want a smooth, silky and not burned result from a hair dryer. I donít mind any price range. As a professional, what do you use?

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Milana - For the last 10 years I have used nothing but the Super Solana dryer. I swear by it and stand by it 100%, it should run from $85 and up. You will love it.

Kezi asks:
I have long and very thick wavy hair, and am thinking of getting a full fringe. Lots of people I know have told me it wonít suit me, but I really want to get one and I think it will suit me. I have a long/oval face, can you give me advice on whether to get a fringe or not?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
If you have an oval/long shaped face a fringe would look great! Itís when people have a round face they have to be careful about full fringes. So your friends are wrong! However, make sure that the rest of your cut blends in with your fringe and is part of the overall style.

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