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Anna asks:
I am having rather a huge crisis with my hair. It is Auburn, really long and thick, and my curls are more like wide crimps than twizzles. It becomes a nightmare when it dries after washing as it fluffs up and swells to twice its size. Iíve been due for a hair cut for 4 months and now my old hair cut is starting to lose shape. What can I do to my hair to make it full of life, less fluffy and more interesting? Iíve stuck with the same style of a few long layers and a fringe with feathering around the face for a long time. What is best to stop it springing up out of control? Also, what would you suggest is the best thing to do for a fringe that doesnít really seem to grow out? Granted, I do straighten it everyday, but surely that doesnít stunt the growth as hair grows from the roots? Please let me know whatís best as my hair really needs a re-vamp!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Many of your problems will come from straightening your hair every day. Everyone thinks that because hair irons are hot and getting hotter that this is a good thing. IT IS NOT. I have a question, would you iron your favourite silk dress or pure wool jumper with your iron on full heat? I donít think so it would be ruined. Without question I would recommend you invest in a good quality Platform irons. These have a variable temperature which is important. What you must do to maintain your hair condition is. Firstly set the temperature to around 180 degrees. Then very slowly glide the iron down the length of the hair in one action which we call "one pass". DO NOT USE HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY IT BOILS THE KERATIN. If you notice a lot of steam coming of your hair then your iron is too hot. If you follow this advice I guarantee you that your hair will be like silk, feel smooth and soft and as if you have put on a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. I do not know if you blow dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally. I would blow dry it with a nano professional 1900 hairdryer which has a low air speed and fantastic technology to maintain your hairs moisture. Only use a paddle brush (bristle if you can get one) and run the brush across your head from roots to ends (with your head upside down if you find it easier). Your hair again will feel like silk (not fluffy). If you follow this routine just see what happens to your hair.

Katherin asks:
I used to have straight thick hair but since I moved to a new house in front of the beach my hair has gone totally out of control, and now its horrible, I have curly (almost fried) hair and under that curly hair is the straight healthy hair I have tried a lot of products.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Try soaking your hair in a mixture of water and baby lotion this should add moisture to dry frizzy hair. Rinse well with warm water or even lightly shampoo this should keep things under control

Michelle asks:
I have extremely thick hair and I mean extremely. Itís about shoulder blade length and is a curly, wavy mix. There is just too much to do anything with it, without it taking 3 to 4 hours. I want to get it cut but I am just not sure what to do with it exactly. I would like to get it cut up to my collar bone, and razored. But I am afraid that it will be a big puff after that and that it still will take forever to do. So what do you think? What is the best cut for me in your opinion? Donít forget how thick my hair is, everyone that has ever done or felt my hair has said they have never meet anyone with such thick hair in their life.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Having a razor technique called internal diffusion will reduce the bulk and thickness of your hair. This WILL reduce the time you need to spend on drying and styling your hair. ...More >

Ensure you select a hairstylist that is competent in razoring techniques. Done correctly it will bring your hair to life.

Good luck.

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