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Min asks:
I have a round face, I am Asian, Italian and Lebanese so my hair is thick, wavy, oily at the roots, below my shoulders, layered and can get frizzy. I had short layers but they all grew out so I will be getting a new haircut soon. I was thinking of getting a short layered choppy haircut more at the top so thereís more volume there and then thinning out towards the bottom with dark red peak a boo highlights. Probably without a bang because when I did have bangs before they grew out, they would kind of wave outwards and then go in. I donít know but Iím tired of it so Iím going to stick with just maybe trimming them. What Iím worried about is, would it look good or not for my face structure? Because I have a very round face. Iím not trying to cut it short maybe just trimmed 2 inches or so. But also I wash my hair everyday because of the oil but my hair is still healthy but by the end of the day my roots are oily again, but I think that is because Iím always playing with it.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
To get the added volume you require on the crown just have your hair internally skimmed with a razor.

This will introduce internal layers that will add style support and make styling much easier. ...More >

If you have nice long hair DO NOT get it cut KEEP IT.

If your roots go greasy this could be down to the shampoo and conditioner you are using.

Some tips.

If you wash your hair every day then follow this routine:

1. Wash your hair once and only lightly massage your scalp in the process.

2. After finishing rinsing out the shampoo carry on with a cool or cold rinse if you can stand it this will aid in slowing down your sebum/oil production.

3. Use a light spray in or leave in conditioner and only apply mid lengths to ends keeping it away from your roots.

4. Style as normal but avoid any oily styling products as they will only add to the problem.

Sophie asks:
I have super thick, super dark and super straight hair. I wanted to use Henna to give me more of a golden brown hair color but I also wanted to perm it so I could have curly hair instead. My problem is that I heard from several people that Henna and perms donít go well together and since my hair is really heavy Iím thinking the extra weight of the henna will flatten out the curls... Iím not sure quite what to do. I also heard that Henna is a safe and cheaper alternative for dying hair but that itís bad in the long run. Could you please help me I donít know what to do?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would not recommend Henna.

Simply have some low lights introduced into your hair but on the underneath of your top section so you never have roots appearing. ...More >

Regarding your curls you desire.

Before you opt for a perm! have a look at you tube and put in carbonite-pro curls. These are new carbon curling rods you use with your hair straightener. They are easy to use yourself and the curls last and last but you can get any size or style of curl on 30 mins simple. Even my 11 year old daughter can do it.

This way you can change your style without having a perm, and I think the thickness and length of your hair would soon drag out the curl from a perm you are considering.

Kirsty asks:
I am attending a wedding in august were my partner is the Best Man, my problem is I am not sure what to do to my hair. Itís currently shoulder length, very thick, natural curly hair underneath and straight on the top. I also have a lot of it! My usual haircut involves a lot of razoring to decrease the bulk and normally straightened but for the wedding I want to try a different design. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest you are limited to what you can have done cut wise because of the texture of your hair.

As a suggestion you could try having your hair put up into some sort of long hair dressing for the wedding or maybe have a trial run at having some curls put through so that it looks different to how you normally wear your hair.

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