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Steph asks:
I am14 year old black female I have dry, coarse, thick, low-neck length hair. I recently relaxed my new growth again with an at home relaxer every time I use a relaxer or straightening iron, my hair becomes really straight., but my problem is that my hair always sticks up or outwards. How do I get my hair to go down or become flat? Please help, I have been having this issue for a couple of years.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This hair type needs to be straightened from the roots, if the roots are straight the hair should lie more flat however the thickness of your hair should also be taken in to account.

Eístella asks:
I have extremely thick, tight ringlet hair. If I cut it short, the lack of weight would make it go afro. Please help I hate my hair style, itís just plaits with a swept back fringe, I want to get layers but that just wonít work, I donít have much time to spend ages on my hair and if I wear it down I look like a first-year Hermione (I want a normal side fringe but that would go frizzy

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Donít worry, this is very common, I have had many clients with this type of hair and the options are very surprising, either have a style cut to suit the head shape, perm the hair on large rollers to loosen or change the curl to a wave, relax the hair or better still look on the site about the options on the Brazilian blow-dry, once you have found a salon book in for a free consultation.

K asks:
I have thick curly hair but a thin face and I am wondering whether to get short hair or keep it just past my shoulders how it is!

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Using the correct products in your hair should calm it down so it doesnít drown you. I can recommend Smooth" creme by Philip Kingsley to calm it down whether your hair is long or short.

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