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Fuchsia asks:
I have long thick curly hair that I want to put in a vintage style. Iíve tried pin curls and velcro rollers but whenever it gets to the part where I have to brush the curls it just turns into a massive frizz ball. Iím going for a Rita Hayworth or Lauren Bacall look. Can you help?

Tiff JAnswered By:
Tiff J
First of all do not brush the curls out, especially with a bristle brush as all this will do is drag all your hard efforts into a frizzy mess! 40ís styled waved curls appear hard to recreate due to its precision but with practice, youíll be able to recreate the vintage wave in no time! The secret to capturing the era of the glam 40ís is to make sure the hair is curled in the same direction. Weíre looking for a softly structured wave pattern, not loose curls. You can use heated rollers or tongs but you can also part the hair in medium sections, mist all over with holding spray then begin rolling the ends of the hair inwards until youíve reached the base of the head so youíve formed a nice smooth roll. Set in place with bobby pins then repeat all over. Repeat all over and wait for the hair to set. After a few minutes, gently remove the pins and mould the hair with fingers to form a wave pattern then sparingly mist all over again with holding spray.

Kerryann asks:
I have fine hair and struggle to style it what can I do?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Get yourself a good haircut, ideally shorter, collarbone length being ideal. The perimeter of your hair needs to be heavy to create a strong outline shape. Layers can still be added, visually they will create more volume. Aim to get a haircut that requires very little styling. Products are very important, we have a body building spray called Nicky Clarke Hair Raising that is immense and my favourite product for fine hair, use it on the roots and mid lengths. Light Mousseís are also really good. The quicker you dry it in the better. Blunt heavy fringes are great because they make your hair look thick visually. For styling, Doughnuts, hair pads etc are all good for bulking hair out.

Lucy asks:
Hi Warren
I have thick hair with a loose curl and have straightened it for years. Iím trying to embrace the curl but it takes hours to dry naturally and tends to frizz. How can I find a stylist that is used to curly hair and knows how to cut/style it?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Hi Lucy,
Curly Hair is a tricky one for some hairstylists. I personally love cutting curly hair as each cut is totally individual and has its own personality. The key to it is to allow the curl to move, work with it and create shape. You need layers internally without going too short. Round shaped haircuts are better for curly hair than any other. Youíre stylist should understand this and use cutting techniques such as slicing and brick cutting to create texture and movement. Regarding the frizz, use products dry on hair, smoothening balms and even finishing serums and pomades are great because they pump moisture and shine into the hair.

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