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Molly asks:
Iím thinking of getting my hair permed for the first time, but want to know what types there are, and if itís worth me going for one at all. Iíve got medium length, thick but quite fine, un-dyed hair, which is in really good condition (I hardly ever use heat styling/styling products and condition it regularly). But it basically has no style at all, no layers, nothing. Iíve curled (heat and roller) my hair in the past, and it holds shape brilliantly, but I never have the amount of time it takes to style regularly. Iím hoping that a perm would be "self-maintaining" or close enough. Is there a type of perm which gives loose curls (not 80ís corkscrews), wonít do too much damage, and will help? And do I even have the right type of hair? Thank you!

James TetlowAnswered By:
James Tetlow
Going for big change is always an exciting time. As a client with no colour or perm your hair is a perfect blank canvass to work on. To get the look you want the consultation is the most important part of the whole process. Consultations are usually free in most salons so take advantage if you have a regular stylist book to speak to them and also visit new salons sometimes a different opinion on your hair and new look could be what you need. > Take plenty of pictures with you as help to explain what you want to achieve. There are alternatives to the 80ís corkscrew and your stylist will explain what these are. A good tip is to ask for your hair to be cut first this is great for the condition of the hair and can also encourage any natural movement in the hair. Hope the advice can be of help in achieving your new look good luck

Anonymous asks:
Iím a guy with medium-short hair that is thick, coarse and straight. My problem is that it sticks out at the sides and side burns, rather than growing flat on the sides where the side burns are. My solution so far is to just shave off the sides and have shorter hair that I have to style. My problem with that is that with short hair, my hair stands our everywhere without styling. Would appreciate any advice on that, thanks!

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
This is a common problem with straight Asian hair. The solutions are as you have been doing take it shorter, but by taking it shorter that doesnít mean you have to have a military style hair cut, grow the length on top for instance. There are two important things you need done and that is, haircut needs texture, the ends need to be shattered so there is texture difference in length and Product, a strong holding wax if covered all over the head will weigh down and control the protruding hair at the sides. Failing that why not grow it longer, there will come a point when your hair can no longer stick straight out, gravity will take its cause and weigh it down. It needs to be long, so you need to go through that grown out stage, but once longer get a seamless hair cut that encourages movement and texture you will find it much easier.

Altaf asks:
I use to have long hair, after I had surgery I lost a lot of blood and my hair to, I have tried simply everything to make it thick and grow, but I end up loosing more hair, what do I do?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Hair Loss can be due to a number of things stress being a major one, if your body is still under stress and you are using particular drugs this could have an adverse effect on hair growth. I would suggest at this minute you move away from wanting it long and thick again, work with what you have naturally. Aim to get a style you really like within the current length and then allow it to naturally grow. Donít force the issue, this can make it worse. There are supplements out there but they donít work for everybody.

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