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Damaris asks:
I have thick, coarse hair, and a square face. I would like to change my current style (which is long with a few layers). Can you please suggest anything that would suit me?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Damaris, layering is a good idea as it wil reduce the thickness and make your hair more manageable. For your face shape a longer softer look would be best & shaped around your face. Diana

Pooja asks:
Hi there. well basically i have fine hair but lots of it. i do have staright hair, but not totally and now especially with layers i tend to starighten it often. The hair that suits me the most is usally in the summer time when after starightening for 2 days on the third day my hair looks perfect. It is stick staright hair, which structures my face, and the hair looks like individual strands, as it may have a bit of grease that looks good. This type of perfect hair happens probably twice a year if im lucky. I want this to happen all the time, but i just dont know what products to use. Normally when i wash it , my hair becomes thicker, and wheni starighten it, that stick straight hair is not there, and if i leave it for a few days to geta bit greasy fror individual strand, then my hair looks so greasy, that i got to ewash it off.So please tell me what to do to, to get the perfect look im going for, please include, what u recommed for shampoo, conditioner, serum, finishing spray etc. Currently my hair looks ok, as i wash it , put a relaxing balm, then blow dry it, and use ghd iron with spray. However the spray thickens my hair again, and gives it a washed look. i then put abit of wax on. Sumtimes my straight hair stays , but most of the time it doesnt, especially in winter and living in britain. I hope i havent confused please please help me out, to get the perfect individual strand, stick staright hair look. cheers

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Pooja, you are right to assume that using the correct products will make all the difference. Razzamatazz strait time is a great product for keeping your hair nice and stick straight. And to finish off the Razzamatazz Glitz will really work, but use this sparingly. Diana

John Mangan asks:
I have benn growing my hair for 4 months and it is a state it is thick dark brown and curly what would you suggest to do to it?

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Wear a balaclava! No, seriously - you’re in the dreaded in-between stage so it’s a matter of concentrating on styling. Invest in a pair of mini-ghd’s as these are ideal for men, they’ll straighten the hair and make it look longer too.

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