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Warren asks:
I want to grow my hair a little longer to get it styled a bit more modern where traditionally I would have it cut short and given a basic style. I have decided on a change, I want it longer so it just goes over the ears but I want a modern style but my problem is my hair. It seems to be really thick and it seems every time I have a hair wash the ends of my hair even when dry tend to frizz or look static and will not remain straight. If I was to go to my hairdressers do I need to ask them for anything specific like to thin my hair out or do I just ask them for a modern look?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
The best thing to do is to ask for your hair to be thinned out so the weight is not as bulky - the other thing I would suggest you do is invest in some hair straighteners. They really flatten the hair down and stop all of that unnecessary frizzing. Do not be afraid to use appliances like this as it really is the best way to get the look you are after

Charlie asks:
I am 14 and my hair is long, thick and very wavy- sometimes curly. If I blow-dry my hair it goes really puffy and I do not have enough time to keep on straightening my hair! (it takes 40 minutes because it is so long) I am not even sure if straightening is the right look for me because I have a long face and it just makes it look longer, I just like the benefits- easy to manage hair! Are there any tips or reasonably priced products that will help my frizziness or any styles that would suit a long face and not emphasise my forehead which is quite big! (I have grown out my fringe)

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
The good news for you is that curls are going to make a comeback! I would have your hair cut into a textured bob shape that would balance your face so that you would not feel like you have a long face. Also having your hair cut with more texture through would encourage your hair into gorgeous curls that would be easy to manage. A great product for you is KMS Sculpting lotion (8-9.50) that you can apply to damp hair and with the aid of a diffuser you can scrunch your hair until it is almost dry and the allow your hair to finish drying natural without touching your hair. This will give you a beautiful tousled look that I am sure you would love and would be so much easier for you to manage.

Debbie asks:
I have really thick hair and its at the stage where it is getting a bit of a weight. I have had short hair in the past but it was not a nice hair style, what sort of short hair styles that can I go for without the thickness of my hair?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
You can have a variety of styles it all depends of your face shape. My suggestion would be something with few layers , but not to short, also ask your stylist to remove some of the weight out by thinning the hair from approximately 3' inches away from the root in the lower layers. Also pay attention when your hairdresser styles your hair and ask as many questions as you possibly need to create the style at home.

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