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Tony asks:
My hair is quite thick and very wavy. It used to be tight ringlets when I was younger, but as I got older, my hair straightened out more. Now, it is puffy and wavy, but at the front of my scalp, I have baby hair and itís like flyaway but they are really frizzy. I straighten them but they still stick out and wonít lie flat like they do on people with straight hair. What can I do? Also, I want a new funky hairstyle that is more interesting. My hair doesnít really have a style at the moment. I want it thinned, and maybe a side fringe, but what else? Also, when I straighten my hair it takes a hour and a half because there is so much of it and its so wavy.

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
Why not try and incorporate some layers into your style, as this will add movement and definition to your hair, but also and more importantly for you, it will thin out your hair and make it more manageable! Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner such as Fudgeís Smooth Shot range (£9.95 each) and apply a serum to your hair whilst still damp. Try and hold back from using your hair straighteners for such long periods of time as this will most definitely damage your hair!

Jane asks:
I am 42 yrs old and in the last few years my hair has got so thin. It really has become a problem, as I hate even going on nights out, as I feel so bad about it. It is shoulder length because I donít suit short hair... any ideas would be great!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Jane - first of all if your hair is blonde it might look thinner; if itís dark it might be better to put some layers in it. What I think you need to do, is go to a really great colourist and seek advice close to where you live and do the same for your cutting. You might need to lose a little of your long hair which might help with the thickness if layered.

Frances asks:
I have been on a 500 calorie a day diet for six months. I am now back to eating normally but find my hair is falling out. I have fine blonde hair shoulder length. I would be grateful if you would advise me whether to cut it shorter or leave it long as I have a family wedding next April. Could you also recommend a hairdresser in the Glasgow area who specialises in fine hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Ok, if anytime is a good time then its NOW, short hair is the must have at the moment so yes it would be ideal if you want to go short. Also going shorter with the correct cut can make it appear fuller and thicker. As from falling hair, it is possible that changing your diet affects the hair whether itís finer, coarser, curlier or straighter. Try eating healthy foods also fish and salads and freshly prepared food. Have consultations in different salons in the Glasgow area (these will be free consultations) find the one that feels comfortable for you and go get that new short look

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