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Snehal asks:
My hair is black, thick thick, curly and frizzy, it reaches below my shoulders. Iíve tried colour streaks 5 years ago, I have not tried any treatments for my hair yet. Unfortunately my hair grows very slowly and itís two or three years before it really looks long (because of the curls); right now it looks puffy and frizzy, though I use appropriate lotions. I have a medium forehead. Lately I am experiencing a lot of dandruff and hair loss problem. I am planning to go for straightening of my hair. Please advice.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss, please wait before having a straightening cream applied. Go visit a good quality salon for a professional consultation first so they can asses your scalp and hair. ...More >

It is not unusual to find "A lot "of hair coming out, you typically loose 100 hairs a day and this can seem quite allot when you have long hair.

As your hair grows slowly then it may be coming to the end of its life cycle which may explain the slow growth and loss.

As stated above, please visit a good quality salon, (go to a few for the consultation and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and gives the best advice).

There is a great guy I know in USA called Nelson Chan who has a salon in Hollywood. See if you can visit his site for advice.

Good luck

Georgina asks:
I have very thick wavy hair and I really love it but hate it at the same time. It is a nightmare to style. I struggle to straighten it fast, my glamour curls wonít stay in and my hair wonít stay crimped even for 5 minutes. My hair is naturally oily but I cannot use hair spray because it makes my hair greasy especially with being a teenager what could I do or use to make my hair stay in the style I want for longer.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Why not try a very soft perm that gives you a wave to your hair then maybe it would be easier also to enhance the curl using a tong or heated rollers. It would also help to dry the hair a little leaving it less oily.

Katie asks:
I have thick hair and I straighten it about once a month to prevent damage, I have half curly, wavy hair and it can sometimes get annoying, I donít know how to wear it. Are steam flat irons better to use than ceramic? Also could you recommend some hair dyes that are chemical free or has no peroxide, ammonia or bleach.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Personally I would NOT use steam flat irons. Remember the production of steam is at boiling point and this can have a damaging effect on the cuticle of the hair. I would recommend a good quality Platform Irons. These irons should be used in "one pass" this is one slow motion over each section of hair to allow the technology inside the plate itself to help maintain your hair condition. If your hair is very thick but you have colour on it then reduce the temperature on the dial to around 180 degrees and use the "one pass" technique I spoke of above. You will notice your hair looks and feels much healthier. There are colours on the market that do not have peroxide, ammonia or bleach but it totally depends on what you are trying to do and what if any chemical processes you have used already. Let me know and I can be more specific.

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