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Anita asks:
Over the last year I have been losing my hair I am only 24 years old and my hair is getting so thin that you can see my scalp. This is really upsetting as I used to have really thick hair. I donít know what to do haircut wise I have black hair mid length and itís really thin hair at the top. I just want my hair to look thicker on top and look normal. But donít know what hairstyle I need for this type of problem I have. Can you help?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
There are many reasons that your hair is thinning - most of the reasons are diet, hormones or stress related. Go to any good chemist like Boots etc and buy Nourkrin extra strength - it is a supplement that needs to be taken daily - you will see a total difference within months. Next, you need to opt for a shorter style - bob length or slightly longer, as it sounds to me as if your hair is quite long. Going shorter will give the appearance of thicker hair.

Janice asks:
I am a 17 year old girl with wavy hair and the major problem with my hair is that it is becoming dry and brittle..with a lot of frizz and split ends. I have heard that these are the basic signs of hair loss. But nobody in my family has a hair loss problem, so could it be down to poor diet as I donít use styling tools either? Whenever I tie a ponytail, I see small hairs on top looking lifeless and frizzy. What could be the root of the problem and what can I do to tackle this? Iíd appreciate your advice.

Jamie StevensAnswered By:
Jamie Stevens
Yes your diet can affect your hair the same way it does your nails and skin, so drink plenty of water. Keep your hair regularly cut to reduce and prevent split ends. Brittle and dry hair is not the first sign of hair loss - but if people tell you things like that the worry alone will make it fall out! The short hairs that escape from your ponytail could be a sign of new hair that has grown through or it may be that your hair is wavy and the hair cuticle sits in different directions. To minimise damage, try not to colour your hair too much and use weekly conditioning treatments to keep hair healthy.

Annie asks:
I have coloured my once warm dark hair for 30+ years now I am having to retouch grey/white roots almost every 2 weeks. I have asked the hairdresser about and had full head blond highlights as I would like to eventually stop colouring and let the grey shine through but canít bear the idea of 2" grey/white roots and donít want to cut very thick course mid length hair short. Trouble is the highlights are brassy and unnatural looking. I know it can be done as I have seen a similar head of hair coloured by Nicky Clarke to perfection, I just canít afford his prices, why canít your average hairdresser do this. Is their a special trick or what should I ask them for to get it right? Should I have the colour stripped first? Currently 90% grey coloured light red brown

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
My advice would be to book a free consultation with a Wella Master Colour Expert. These colour specialists are highly advanced in all colour techniques and should be able to create the colour you are after.

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