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Sarah asks:
I have noticed just lately every time I wash my hair it has started to come out in small handfuls in my hands last time this happened I changed my shampoo to Head and Shoulders sensitive and it helped I used it for years. I have also coloured my hair and carried on using the same shampoo. I recently changed my shampoo and although the new one was nice and made my hair shiny and smooth I started loosing bits of hair again so I went back to my old one, my head itches because its dry is there anything I can use to make it look nice without spending a fortune to make it look healthier, I donít use product or heat on it.

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
This sounds to me as if you have some sort of allergy to an ingredient in certain shampoos. My advice is invested in a good scalp shampoo like the Phillip Kingsley No Scent Shampoo for sensitive scalps. Then to protect your colour and give your hair a fabulous shine use the Loreal Professional Vitamino colour conditioner, this is not to be applied to the scalp but only the mid lengths and ends so you are tailoring your products for not only your sensitive scalp but also the condition and shine on your hair.

Amy asks:
Iíve had problems with hair growth for a few years, however just over a year ago I decided to have my hair cut into a long bob because my hair had become a bit tatty. I didnít like it so decided to grow it out, and within a year I had grown it back relatively to the length it was before (around shoulder blade length). However, in the past couple of months my hair has become extremely dry on the ends, with white dots, breakages and split ends. Iíve rarely straightened and only around twice blow dried my hair since I decided to grow out my bob, and it seems to have stopped growing. I also get greasy hair, and dandruff, so Iím stuck on which shampoo to use! Iíve been using Herbal Essences the one for dry/damaged hair but itís had no effect, and I have been using a treatment for my ends once a week. After these didnít work I had it cut but the white dots and breakages seemed to appear again really quickly. I also have my hair highlighted with bleach and caramel, but only get it done around once every 3 months, so didnít think that was causing it, as I have had it dyed like that for the past few years. Please help!

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
The main issue here is your choice of products. Using anything not purchased at a salon is really doing your hair no favours. High-street brands can create a false sense of condition to your hair. It leaves a residue that builds up over time and drips down the hair to create the white dots you mention. When growing your hair, condition is massively important otherwise it grows from the roots and breaks and the end so you get nowhere. What I would suggest is go to your salon, get a few inches taken off and invest in some decent salon shampoo and conditioner. Initially it is more expensive than non-professional products but you will use less with each shampoo, so overall it works out about the same. Ask your pals or family for a conditioning mask for Christmas or your birthday and use this once a week. Also, make sure you drink lots of water Ė like your skin, hair needs to be kept hydrated. Once you have the split ends cut off and got the condition sorted, the hair will grow fuller and look and feel much healthier.

James asks:
Iím a boy and Iím writing to get some advice on how to take care of my hair. I would describe my hair as fine/medium, normal to oily and wavy. Itís about shoulder length and looks quite similar to Ozzyís hair, except for the colour. So what do you suggest for me to use to keep my hair healthy? I usually wash once 2-3 days using shampoo and conditioner. The harder part seems to be after this as I have not found a way to dry it without making it look...crazy. My hair changes íshapeí as soon as I keep it for 5 mins at the back of my hears and also the tips of the hair keeps turning up whatever I do. This quite annoys me. For example I like the look it gets when the air is really humid, but I can never replicate that, also my hair tends to íformí in groups of 5-20 hairs which looks quite bad. Maybe I just need longer hair? Or shorter? Also, what should I specify to the hairdresser for a haircut if Iím trying to get the exact same look as Ozzy Osbourne, as he is the example I used before.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Firstly you need to make sure above all you have the right style and cut. Make sure to go into your salon with a picture of what you would like similar and see what the professionals think. Secondly make sure your using the correct products, not just shampoo and conditioner but also styling products...... Good luck and we wish you well.

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