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Anon asks:
I recently went to my local salon for a colour and cut. She put highlights on my hair (a 6 vol so I was told) and then a 12 vol bleach all over my roots then was put under heat for 40 minutes. I immediately felt intense burning and told them this, they told me it was normal and it will be fine. After 40 mins of pain she washed it off to a scarlet red scalp and styled it and I left. The redness went down but I was feeling and intense itching constantly and red blotchy marks over my scalp. My hair has been falling terribly and Iím very scared Iím going to go bald. The doctor gave me tablets for allergy but I think itís more a chemical burn than an allergic reaction. Will I go bald? Please help

Darren AmbroseAnswered By:
Darren Ambrose
When bleaching you should only use 6% and below on the scalp Ė gentle lifting without heat is the key to the perfect blonde. There are products you can put on the scalp prior to bleaching that help coat the scalp itself and protect it while bleaching. Also, after the process of lifting, there is a procedure of using the correct shampoo, cool rinse and a product to rebalance the scalpís PH. For hairdressers out there that arenít knowledgeable in creating the perfect blonde there are courses with product houses that teach you how to do this in compliance with the proper regulations.

As far as Iím concerned, there should never be 12 vol applied to the scalp at any time. You would expect to see irritation to the scalp and in severe cases, burning, and you would lose elasticity and compromise the condition of the hair itself resulting in breakage. If youíre unfortunate enough that this has happened to you, Iíd recommend seeing your doctor to treat a burn, then itís a case of nourishing the scalp at all times with the right treatments. Itís impossible to comment on your hair without seeing it but in theory the root ball would still be intact so any hair that falls out will regrow after the damage is done.

Sandra asks:
I am 43 and have really gray hair. I have had it coloured by a hairdresser for the last six years back to my natural dark brown colour. My hairdresser uses Redken hair products. Six weeks ago, about 6 hours after the colour my head was burning, this resulted in some hair loss and a rash covering my whole body. This has cleared up but after several skin tests I react. I am now going really grey! Please help?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Sorry to hear of your problem. This is a tricky one, you are obviously allergic to one of the main ingredients in a full colour. This can be quite dangerous if your allergy is extreme. First of all - Do not attempt to use any colouring product yourself from the major chemist chains or shops - most of them will contain the ingredient you are allergic to. I suggest you have many skin tests with other manufacturerís colours such as Goldwell Top Chic and Colourance - Wella Koleston or Colour Touch or Schwarzkopf or Aveda colour. ...More >

Redken is an American product and are usually very strong in chemicals. The ones I have suggested are European and far more gentle on the hair and scalp. If this fails - you only have one other choice - Vegetable Colours such as Henna. Henna does come in several shades and works well on most grey hair.

On another note your allergy may well disappear in the same way it suddenly started.

Sharon asks:
Why do I have hear breakage close to my scalp on top of head When I get a perm, it feels like a bristle brush?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
The breakage could/can be due to the rubber bandís that secure the perm rod in place was too tight at the base of the scalp this can cause breakage as it creates stress and tension on the hair. In addition the tension on the hair may have been too excessive when the hair is wrapped around the perm rods. Again causing stress on the hair causing breakage. Flooding the scalp with excess perm lotion and overdevelopment of the solution can cause breakage. Treat your hair with a moisture/reconstructing product, like Joicoís fabulous K-Pak range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products

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