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Atashi asks:
My hair is getting lighter in colour day by day. It used to be jet black and now it is a shade of dark brown. I donít want to colour it Ė is there a way to regain lost colour?

Jack HowardAnswered By:
Jack Howard
It sounds as though your hair is getting lighter due to daily and thermal aggressions Ė make sure you always use a heat protection spray and products that lock in colour; investing in good quality products will ensure your colour lasts. I would also suggest having a gloss or demi colour to restore your jet black shade.

Adrianne asks:
I have very thick, curly hair that is frizzy and dry. You name it I have had it done in my battle to fight the frizz, chemical straightening, perming, Kerastraight etc - I have had it long and short, highlighted and my natural colour. I usually control the curls with a High Street mousse and it normally takes me an hour to wash mousse and part dry. I am now 42 and the grey hairs are appearing, I am also FED up with the hassle of styling, the itchy feeling mousse gives me and the time it takes - I donít want to be doing this in my 50s! I am thinking of going back to short, with highlights and finding one of the hundreds of products out there that would be more suitable than mousse. Please can you suggest a style and product and should I have another Kera-Straight when I have it short - HELP!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Well it certainly sounds like you have tried some products over the years! I agree with you and probably for the easiest low maintenance I would go with a shorter more manageable style. If Iím honest I would have recommended a Keratin treatment but as an alternative you could try the new Wella System Professional Lux Oil and see if that works for you. Take a look on the Style Gallery there are lots of Styles to choose from and you can always print some off and take them along to the Salon.

Jack asks:
Iím a teenage boy with naturally thick, curly hair. People often say my hair is like Harry Styles. Most days I like to go for a very volumised and messy, surfer-like look (just like Harry). However, the other day I woke up and my hair was very different to normal, it was much more subtle but still had really nice curls. I want to be able to try and achieve that look again, so I can have the choice of 2 different styles for my hair. The style I want to try and achieve has much less volume, consisting of wavy locks that donít stick out from my head, but towards the ends of the hair it still has really nice big curls. Is there a way to bring out curls at the ends of my hair, without volumising the rest of my hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I would suggest trying Wella System Professional Polished Waves as a product. This will help give your hair a more defined curl but without the volume you are looking for.

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