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Will asks:
Hello, I am a 44 year old male who currently has short hair but would like to grow it long. I do have really thick hair though so what would be the best way to go about it? Do I just not get it cut and let it grow or would I need to get it trimmed and styled regularly? I would like it to be trendy and cut to a long, thick style instead of just a mass of hair.

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hey Will

First I would grow out the top if that is short. Once you have longer hair you can then begin to grow the rest and look at tucking it behind the ear and keeping it trimmed around every 10 weeks. There will be times you will want to chop it off as it will go through different phases. Make sure you see the same stylist each time you go as they will remember what you are aiming for and saves you explaining it again and again to somebody new each time. Also get some advice on products you will need a good wax to hold it back. If your hair is thick go for water wax (03) by Redken great for calming thick hair down.

Jenny asks:
I am about to have a loose wave/curl perm on my hair and wanted to know what shampoo, conditioner is best to use?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
Itís important to look after your hair after a treatment like this, and using the correct products will ensure the curls stay soft and frizz free, especially in British weather! I would recommend the Kebelo VELVET CURLS range as the shampoo, conditioner and defining cream have been designed to create the perfect curls: soft, frizz-free, long lasting and defined. Each of the products contain the super ingredient coconut oil, as well as chamomile and quinoa, all of which help to separate, soften and smooth curly hair, without straightening it. All products in this range are SLS- and paraben-free, too, offering an ethical, safe and gentle approach to haircare.

Stephanie Cameron asks:
My daughter is 8. She has a long thin face, with semi thin, blonde curly/wavy hair. Its constantly in a big rats nest. I have day in day out struggles with getting her to brush her hair let alone put it up, out of her face. Iím trying to find a hair style the is low maintenance, out of the face, less tangles, but still could be put up if needed. Please help

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
The cut you need is a graduated layer. This means the longest layer is the final length and the other layers lie within 2cm on top. All the one length and uniform layers are a no no it justs elevates tangling. ...More >

Use a tangle teezer brush, hold her hair in a ponytail and brush the hanging hair from bottom to held hair its more a tapping the brush on your hand motion than a tugging the hair one. Drop the hair and continue up to the scalp. This should be taught to your daughter too, Its fine to use a detangler make sure its a kids product , Little sprout, Miniu, are great. For sleeping spray with detangler and plait this minimises knots in the morning. Its a good idea to grow a fringe out with type if hair, if this is possible. This enables you and her to tie hair back out of the face. I have attached a photo of the type of cut you need.

Hope this helps.


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