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Kristina asks:
Hello, I have chin length hair, very thin but wavy. My hair was badly damaged as I was colouring my hair very often and not always by professional; So I decided to grow back my natural hair. At the moment I have half natural hair and bit oily scalp and half very dry and tangly coloured hair. My question is what kind of shampoo I would need to use. I tried to research but everywhere articles for colour treated hairs. I want to find shampoo and conditioner which is natural, organic and for my hair type. Please help I would appreciate any advise or tips. Thank you in advance.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kristina

Happy New Year to you! ...More >

Okay my first suggestion is to have a trim, this way you will prevent the coloured, damaged and tangled hair from getting worse. You are correct using shampooís for coloured damaged hair will make your hair feel lank and make your scalp oily.

I suggest that you invest in a professional shampoo called a balancing shampoo, it wonít be organic but will have lots of plant based ingredients and be kind to your scalp and hair. It doesnít matter which brand you buy as all of the professional ones are very similar but the formula will feel very light, not create lots of bubbles and shouldnít look opaque it should be practically clear in color. This way it doesnít have oils and creams that will weight your hair down and increase oil production. I love the Redken, Joico, Paul Mitchell and Nioxin brands best and a salon will be able to help advise you. My suggested shampoo wonít make the coloured hair feel great but you can manage that with conditioner, only apply a very small amount to the mid lengths and ends of your hair and comb through very gently, leave a few minutes before rinsing.

There are some amazing coloured conditioners available in salons as well as on the highstreet and could be a great solution to the fact you are only halfway through the growing out process, they are not permanent but will tone and blend the hair all over and you have total control as its deposit is more obvious the more often you use it.

Take care and good luck

Kat asks:
Hi I have fine hair, shoulder length that is also really frizzy, if I let it air dry. It a mixture of straight/wavy, maybe some ringlets at the front if it dries without frizz. It also gets frizzy if I blow dry it. Iíve tried various anti-frizz products but none actually help. Because of how fine my hair is conditioner and some of the anti-frizz products I use actually make my hair look kind of greasy, weighed down a bit. I just end up putting it in a ponytail when itís still wet because it doesnít frizz on top when I do that and it just looks awful if I wear it down, air-dried or blow-dried! I have no clue what to do with my hair, what can I do about the frizz? I never know what to use in terms of shampoo, conditioner, products. And every hair cut I get I looks awful to me and I hate it. Do any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh Kat

I suggest you use a moisturing shampoo and a spray on leave in conditioner. this way you wonít weigh the hair down too much but should be able to eliminate some of the frizz. Invest a pure bristle brush and use section your hair when gently blow drying on medium heat and medium speed. Have you ever tried large heated rollers? Finish your hair with Argan oil and try sleeping wearing a silk cap. Itís a real case of trying everything, perhaps consider a supplement too? ...More >

Good luck

rosemarie keller asks:
I would like to have a professional advise me as to the best colour length, etc. I have gone to many stylist praying one will have the skill needed but to date have had no luck. I am 62 and by day a juvenile probation officer and by the end of the week worn and tattered. Just looking for a lift to keep me on this mission smiling. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Rosemarie

Itís so difficult to really advise you without seeing a picture of your current look! But I would suggest having one of the fabulous tonal greys/ graphites available and a textured bob trimmed into the nape. This is a shape that suits all hair types and face shapes and is so easy to maintain but also super simple to change up to different looks with styling products. I think itís always a great idea to go to a salon asking for models, this way a very enthusiastic trainee stylist will be able to offer advice and give you a fantastic change. ...More >

Love and luck

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