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Laura asks:
Hi. As a child my hair was very blonde and as I got into my late teens it went from blonde to like a very very light brown. I have dyed it reds and blacks for some years now and even though my eyebrows are very light blonde I have forgotten what my natural colour is. A week ago I had red hair but my roots came through a very ashy brown colour and I then dyed my it black. My eyebrows are a light blonde but I darken them at the moment but I would really like my hair to be blonde again. My hair is very thick wavy and the length is now just below my shoulder blades. Is it possible to go from black to blonde without having to bleach my hair more than once? and can you give me any advice of how to bleach the black colour out and what are the best products to use.

Thank You


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Laura

With such long and thick hair I really donít feel its professional of me to advise you to do it yourself, Iím sorry. I would go to a salon and have multi tonal highlights and gradually work towards the lighter colour you desire. This way you wonít do too much damage and you will also get a more even result as you will have colour build up from the black which will be hard to remove evenly. ...More >

You can maintain and make subtle changes to the colour with toners and colour conditioners through the process.

God luck

Bethia Goodsir asks:
Iíve recently been diagnosed as having seborrheic dermatitis. I get it in my eyebrows and ears too but itís worse on my scalp. Iíve tried the Selsun shampoo I used to use for my mild dandruff but itís not touching it. Iíve also had Nizoral, Alphosyl and Capasal shampoo as well as Cocois cream and Betnovate scalp application but nothing works. Iíve also been trying more natural remedies such as an olive/coconut oil mask before every wash and a shampoo from a natural shop that is full of soothing and antifungal ingredients but they arenít working either. The only thing that did work was the onion juice treatment I tried but the smell was too much so I quit. Can you suggest anything? I feel like pulling my hair out. Thank you.

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
Hello Bethia, seborrhoea dermatitis is as a result of your natural oil sebum and the yeast Mfurfur building up on your scalp and this will create an itching .the best thing to reduce the itching is more frequent washing so that you keep any oil build up to a minimum. Also the skin cells are more adherent to the scalp and will therefore create scales as the skin is producing quicker than usual and hasnít fully keratinised -going dry and hard, so that it flakes off easily. Try Tony Maleedy juniper shampoo available on line as this helps to suppress the production of the scales . If you have a local Trichologist to you they will generally have scalp preparations to help lift the scales off .

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Lucy asks:

Iím growing out a short, graduated bob but the top sections of my hair are severely damaged. They donít hold any colour for more than a few days and are dry and crispy.

Iím considering a pixie cut to get rid of the majority of the damaged hair and then grow it out over the coming year. My hair has been shorter than the graduated bob in the past so Iím not a stranger to very short hair.

I know that itíll take a long time to grow out my hair no matter what I do with it but I wonder if itíll be better to start fresh rather than continuing to get the dead hair trimmed as I grow it out.


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Lucy its sounds like a great idea, short hair is so versatile now due to the various styling products available.

Good luck

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