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Maisy asks:
I have been bleaching my for four years and 2 years ago it slightly burnt but recovered but whilst bleaching. I want to now stop bleaching my hair. My hair used to be extremely thick and long. My hair still is slightly thick but lost itís length due to having it cut; my hair is past my shoulders now. I am wondering because if I stop bleaching or putting any colour on my hair at all, will my hair eventually one day go back to being extremely thick and long and healthy? I also want to know what helps with naturally dry and frizzy hair and also what will help my get back to the way it used to be and help it grow... my hair is improving but I want to know will it happen and how long will it take?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Maisy

Sometimes hair never grows as long as it previously has done and there seems to be not one real reason. Your hair certainly will be more healthy and has the potential to grow longer again without so much bleaching but if you are not overlapping the bleach and you are using good quality professional hair care you can have well conditioned bleached hair. Hair grows on average between ľ and Ĺ inch per month sometimes less and sometimes more but if you have a healthy diet, have a good haircare regime and take a hair supplement your hair will grow. You need haircare products that are moisturisng as a rule to smooth a tame thick frizzy hair. I also love an argan style oil applied before and after drying to add extra shine. ...More >

Hope this helps

Nicola Abbott asks:
I went to a salon 5 weeks ago and went from an awful box dye to a lovely bleached blonde, and then I moved to a new town and after showering a few times and using the shampoo recommended to me by the hairdresser, my hair has started to slowly turn green. I have stayed away from chlorine as I heard it can turn bleached hair green so I donít know why my hair is going a pale green colour. I am due to get the roots redone but Iím not sure if I am doing something wrong that is causing my hair to go green. How do I fix this, and how do I prevent this from happening again?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Nicola

I suggest using a clarifying shampoo and leaving it on a few minutes before rinsing that will help remove the green tinge, if you canít find a clarifying one use a high detergent base version. It could be a number of things including conditioner, styling products even straightening so try eliminating one at a time. But the shampoo will help if you use it every other shampoo.

Dusty asks:
In your expert opinions, is there any perms that are safe for blonde hair? I was using a special perm found here in U.S. called Antonio ...His main product was called Rezz-a-Rect. It was amazing. Made my hair in better condition than it was, no breakage, very healthy and lasted about 9 months before having it re-done. I loved it. The company has since gone out of business. So after 8 years of this amazing product, I cannot find anyone who can recommend another safe perm for blonde / damaged hair.

Any suggestions? Thank you so very much for your time. Dusty

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Dusty

I am not as familiar with perming as I used to be but I have always recommended the Redken perms as they are very conditioning. Call a Redken salon and Iím sure they will advise the perfect one for you.

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