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Louise asks:
I have had keratin treatment on my hair for a few years and have now decided to go back to my natural curls. Seven months on my curls have come back at the root but my ends are still straight is there anything I can do to remove the keratin from my hair?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Louise, This is a common problem. I suggest doing a deep cleanse clarifying shampoo, purchase from a professional salon, rinse and repeat a few times. This will remove residue, chemicals etc., so at least you have the best possible place to start. Then invest in some shampoo, conditioner and curl activating products that contain magnesium as this really does encourage natural curl formation. I love the Sexyhair range; get a little trim and your hair will spring back into life. Good luck

Edwina asks:
I was hoping i could get some help and/or advice. Having used Devacurl, I noticed my hair was falling out more then usual, so I stopped using it. (lets just say my hair had never felt softer, bouncy, and curlier, not to mention frizz free than ever before!! I was heart broken). I purchased Matrix total results curl and noticed the first time I used it my hair did not fall out as much but whilst washing out the conditioner my hair felt like mush, it was weird! but once dry felt dry and rough (like someone who has over bleached their hair, but I have not).
I then tried the VERB volume line today and again while washing out the conditioner, it felt mushy but then dry and tangly once it was washed out. When it was still wet I pulled on a section of my hair and noticed that the 6-8 strands snapped easily and felt and looked like mush. I freaked out and went to the salon and they gave me k pak joico colour therapy shampoo and conditioner explaining whether it is moisture overload or protein overload this will balance it out.
If I continue using this product for a long time do I have to worry about protein or moisture overload? Or is it a balance between protein and moisture? I just want to be able to stick to one product for years. I also noticed that using VERB volume today my hair fell out more then usual like it did with devacurl, so I’m coming to the conclusion that CG products aren’t for me. I am terrible with ingredient lists and not sure what to think!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Edwina, I suggest you use either Joico or Redken products. When the hair is brittle and breaking it needs repair products so Kpak from Joico and Extreme from Redken.
Use the shampoo, then treatment mask for 20minutes, twice weekly to start with then once weekly. Then apply the conditioner, comb through and rinse after a few minutes. After a month your hair will have improved significantly and then you can use a more moisturising product line. I still alternate a little as hair changes with season so more moisture is needed during summer months etc. I do hope this helps

Gail asks:
Please can you tell me what products are best for dry hair?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
I would recommend the KMS California Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. The innovative formula replenishes moisture, repairs damage and reduces breakage, and helps to restore the hair’s natural protective coating. Then apply KMS Moist Repair Revival Crème to towel dried hair as this will hydrate, tame and improve manageability.

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