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Ann Graham asks:
I do not use colourants of any kind on my hair. I had a hairdresser at the house to put my long but fine hair up for a wedding. I had it washed and conditioned ready using my usual products. Just before leaving for the wedding I noticed an unusual smell from my hair much like perming solution or peroxide and there was a tinge of gold almost green in my hair. The next day I washed my hair and the smell was worse and my hair very dry and damaged. The hairdresser said she had not used anything but hairspray on my hair. I was wondering what could have caused my hair to be like this. My daughter who used to be a hairdresser has cut my hair for me says that something has been put on my hair to damage it so much. Can you please help Thank you

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
Dear Ann, yes this seems very unusual as it sounds like a chemical reaction has occurred causing the hair to become dry ! I can only guess that she may have used a styling product or hair spray that reacted with your products. The reaction will have caused the hair to lift slightly .Do you swim a lot? Build up of chlorine on your hair could react. Do you use a coloured shampoo or henna products as may also react. I suggest deep conditioning and regular cutting to remove the damaged hair.

Julie asks:

I have waist-long naturally super-fine dark brown hair. Itís naturally straight, but my scalp gets greasy fast and the further I go towards the ends, the frizzier it gets as the day goes on. Although my scalp and the hair around that area gets greasy so quickly--- only about 5-6 hours, faster if I run my hands through my hair, itís so prone to frizz that if I run my fingers through, then I get this instant static that plasters it to the side of my face where I have side bangs and makes it lift everywhere else.

When I was younger, my hair was straight, black, and glossy, and still fine, and Iím not sure why it suddenly deteriorated. Iíve been using drug-store brands such as Pantene and Dove, and I want to switch to something salon-grade that will fix my problem. Should I adjust the number of times I wash my hair? After skipping a single shower, the fineness of my hair shows the grease so obviously that at the top of my head they separate into streaks instead of falling individually. It tangles so easily that it takes a solid twenty minutes just to get it straight after a short run.

As of now, my hair is dull and flat, and constantly riddled with a horde of split ends. What should I do to fix this?

Along with fixing this problem, Iíve always wanted white, silver, platinum, etc. hair. I know that bleaching makes hair frizzy and brittle, especially with dark (and fine?) hair, but Iím absolutely in love with the idea of having a split ends, but I want it to stay long. Is bleaching a good idea, with my hair?
Thanks for reading this monstrosity, and please get back soon.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Wow okay lets start at the beginning, Diet really does help the condition of the hair and scalp so firstly take a good look at your diet and make sure your having a good healthy and varied diet. I am a strong believer in taking supplements especially for improving hair and nails there are very many good ones on the market. Try shampooing your hair every other day and make sure you use a shampoo that is clear when it comes out of the bottle not opaque as generally the opaque, pearlescent, creamy shampoos have moisturizing ingredients and will makes the hair to soft and over condition at the root area. Rinse your hair really well after shampooing. Then apply a conditioner for fine hair only to the ends of your hair and gently comb it through to ear level, donít massage it in to your scalp at all. Leave for 1 min before rinsing. I would then use a spray leave in conditioner as well before leaving to dry naturally or blow drying. ...More >

Itís also important not to keep touching your hair as that really does encourage the oil production. Dry shampoo now available in colour formulas is also a saving grace for when your out and about or feel that your hair is starting to look greasy, so try one of those.

Have a good trim and whilst your at the salon you can ask about the colour, there are some amazing new Phlex systems that allow multiple levels of lift which is what would be required on your dark hair to get it blonde and they restructure the hair whilst lifting it.

Really good luck and Iím sure this will make a difference.

Morgan asks:
Years ago, I had been going to this hair salon. Before I even went to the hair salon, my hair was healthy, silky, and just beautiful. When I went to the salon, this guy would blow dry, hot comb, and straighten my hair...way too much heat. I eventually stopped going to him because I noticed my hair wasnít as think and long as it use to be. After I stopped going, I figured I could manage my own hair and get it back to the way it use to be, but itís been SOOOOOO hard. I feel Iíve done everything, but then again, maybe I havenít. Any suggestions?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Yes, heat can destroy your hair, however there are so many products on the market that you can use to prevent this.

Whenever you do purchase a heat protector always check how high the degree of protection is as some can be very low. ...More >

One great product is Redkenís Pillow Proof express primer cream. It will reduce your blow-drying time, helps reduce any breakage and will protect from heat up to 450 degrees: itís a must have product in my book.

Always make sure you have a regular cut and ask your stylist what shampoo you should be using. Using a salon shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your hair always looks salon fresh. I know they can work out more expensive however itís worth the extra spend and if used correctly will last longer. Also make sure you are using a treatment on your hair at least once a month, People say "I donít have the time for it", but my answer is: make the time, its an important part of looking after your hair. Make a pamper night for yourself: nails, hair, skin and that all important glass of wine. Unwinding and releasing stresses is good for you and your hair, so a pamper night is essential.

Here are a few more top tips:

When shampooing your hair always wash just the roots, do not bring the shampoo through the ends, its enough cleansing for the hair as your rinsing out the suds.

Always put the conditioner through the mid lengths and ends.

Never brush your hair when wet, comb it, if your hair is long start at the bottom of the hair and work to the root, this will help with knots and ensure you are not tugging in any way.

A silk pillow will help avoid any damage from any friction whilst sleeping.

And finally a good well balanced healthy diet, we are what we eat as they say.

If you are doing all of this and more then you are well on your way for shiny healthy hair.

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