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Dafni asks:
Hi, I wear LíOreal Paris Magic Retouch to cover up my roots. Can I leave it in my hair when I visit the hairdresser for a colour appointment or do I have to wash it off first?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
While itís unlikely that this kind of temporary root colour will affect the results of a colour appointment, it is far better to visit your colourist without root touch up in your hair, simply because it will give your colourist a much better view of where they need to apply your colour. This is particularly true if it is your first visit to a particular colourist, as they will need to get a thorough look at your natural hair colour and type, and this may be masked by root touch up products.

I would advise washing your hair to get rid of any trace of temporary colour, such as root touch up, however I would advise washing your hair a couple of days prior to visiting your colourist, rather than the same day. Itís not advisable to wash it the same day as your colour appointment, as colour treatments can cause irritation to scalps that are stripped dry or that have small scratches as a result of being freshly washed. Itís better to let your scalpís natural oils come through Ė which will happen a couple of days post-washing Ė in order to protect your scalp and hair.

Salman asks:
Hi my name is Salman and I am an 18 year old Indian guy. Actually Iíve never grown my hair out completely because I felt like it looked somewhat like an Afro. I was just wondering if I can still grow some silky long hair? And if so what products can I use and how do I make my hair look silky and flexible as my hair currently is very thick and prickly like? Please recommend some products and directions to growing out long hair. Thank you so much

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Salman, Firstly you must use moisturising shampoo and conditioner, make sure you leave the conditioner on for a few minutes and comb through before rinsing. This will help soften your hair and make it look shiny. I would also suggest perhaps having your hair relaxed as this will make it look longer and feel softer immediately. Good luck

Divya asks:
I wanted to bring a tremendous change in my outlook through changing my hairstyle. My hair is thin, frizzy and shoulder length, what style can you recommend?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hi Divya, A new haircut is the best way to start your fresh look. Research is the key. Get inspiration from images on the net. Look at colour, length, volume and texture. Once you are inspired find your stylist and have a thorough consultation with him/her. Listen to their ideas and if you like what they are saying GO FOR IT! Find out about the upkeep of your new look- cost, how often, products and how to style. Youíre going to love it!

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