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Stefanie asks:
Hello, I have thick, middle to long dark brown hair. I never use heat on my hair, I shampoo it 1-2 times a week and condition it. My hair tends to be dry so I donít wash it more than that unless I have a lot of appointments. When I air dry my hair it always is slightly wavy but on two occasions due to the humidity I had wild curlyish hair (very specific curls). The curls started from the roots and became tighter curls to towards the bottom. They were not to voluminous which I liked and seemed wild. I have never felt that confident and good about myself, so I really want to find out how to make my hair look like that daily! I tried to copy two pictures into here, but unfortunately it didnít work. They are from a model that has exactly the kind of curls I am talking about. If there is a way for me to send the pictures that would be amazing! Thank you so much in advance and sorry for my English!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Stefanie, Iím afraid I donít know how you can attach the pictures but the best thing I can suggest for defining natural curls is always shampoo and condition with moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Always comb the conditioner through before rinsing. Use a cream based product called something like curl cream or curl activator and apply to the middle, lengths and ends of your hair when wet. Comb through so as to evenly distribute the product and then if you can use a diffuser on a hair dryer just to take 50% of the water out. Then leave to dry naturally. Hair has memory and needs to be reminded that it used to curl once you have to help it remember. As your hair is drying twist sections or scrunch then in your hand this will help your hair retain the natural shape. It may take a month or too but it will happen. Perhaps a trim and some long layers would help?
Good luck

Meena asks:
I have greasy hair and I am looking for a clarifying shampoo that will clean my hair and result in a matte look. Most shampoos I have tried leave my hair looking glossy, which I donít like.

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
It is important to note the difference between hair that looks glossy and shiny with health and hair that simply looks greasy. I suspect that years of battling greasy locks have left you craving a matte look, because you associate shine with grease and oily locks, so I would advise that you use products to try and achieve a healthy balance that has a hint of natural shine: an oil-free scalp, grease-free lengths that have a natural healthy shine, but no sign of oil.
I advocate the use of clarifying shampoos from time to time, to remove product build-up, excess oil, and environmental pollutants, however, while clarifying shampoos do cleanse and purify the scalp, overuse can have the opposite of the desired effect, over-stimulating the scalp over time and leading to excess of sebum production, as well as dry hair. KMS Head Remedy Deep Cleanse Shampoo is a great product however, it removes build up from hair products, minerals, pollutants and hard water. Avoid the temptation to reach for clarifying shampoos frequently in a bid to strip your oily scalp Ė I would recommend using once a fortnight only.
Regularly use a shampoo that addresses oily roots, removing excess sebum and purifying the scalp, while nourishing the lengths and ends. Kťrastase Specifique Bain Devalent £19.50 treats oily roots, but replaces lost moisture from any sensitised areas and drier ends, helping hair fibres to regain softness and Ė a natural Ė shine. Remember that washing too frequently can also stimulate oil production, so try to stick to washing your hair twice a week, instead of daily, to keep grease at bay on a long-term basis.
If this look still isnít matte enough for you, I advise adding styling products to create a matte finish, rather than stripping the hair of its natural oils in the hope of achieving this look. Dry shampoo is an easy way to soak up natural oils in the scalp and hair and will leave hair looking drier and full of volume, without stripping away too much moisture. Styling wax and texturizing powder work equally as well to create a matte effect.

Gabi asks:
Hello, I am 16 and I started straightening my curly hair when I was about 13. I stopped 2 months ago because my hair is completely heat damaged. My hair fell out because of heat damage so I had to cut it. Now itís just below my collarbone but it looks horrendous and I have now idea what to do with it. Could you please give me a few styling tips?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Gabi, So Iím just wondering if you are wanting tips on how to wear your hair curly or straight? I will offer general tips that should help with both. Make sure you are using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, these will keep your hair hydrated and help reduce frizz. Use a moisture mask treatment weekly leaving on for 20 minutes before rinsing using conditioner and combing through before rinsing.
An argan style oil is a great product to use sparingly when wet and dry, donít apply close to the roots and always comb through to evenly distribute before blow drying and styling.
Leave to dry naturally or dry with a diffuser for a wavy look and if you want to wear your hair straight blowdry with a pure bristle paddle brush in sections on medium heat and medium speed with the nozzle pointed down towards the ends of your hair, this will help make sure the cuticle lays flat. You can straighten your hair but please do use irons with temperature control I think a temperature of 180 c will be hot enough, section the hair before ironing and only iron each section once or twice. A healthy hair care regime not only helps hair recover but also helps reduced damage that can be caused using heat.
Hope this helps.

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